Hadley: HospitalMature

I pretty much went straight back to sleep once Maxxie left. By the time I woke up he still wasn’t back. No need to worry, Hadley, he’s probably just saying bye to Alex or something. Yeah, that’ll be it. And then he’s got to take Caleb home so that’ll take some time as well. Plus his mom’ll probably want to know who the suspicious older guy is driving him home. See, nothing to worry… Okay, I’m gonna pass out now.


I woke up and glanced around. The whiteness, the beeping, the smell… Fuck, I was in a hospital. Maxxie was sat next to me, half asleep. I sat up in the bed, freaking out a little bit but kind of glad that they hadn’t put me in a hospital gown yet. Note to self: always get dressed before you go to sleep. Maxxie sort of woke up a bit more at this and pushed me back down gently. But I just sat straight back up again.

He yawned. "C'mon Hads, just lay back down"

"No" And please, don’t call me Hads anymore…

"Please, Hadley"

"No. I said I didn't want to see any doctors"

"I know, but you can't keep pretending your fine. The sooner you let them just figure out what's wrong, the sooner you'll be out of here." His tone was kind of pleading.

I ignored him and got out of the bed, even more grateful that I was in my own clothes. He stood up and put a hand on my shoulder.

"I'm not staying here" I said.

He bit his lip and looked kind of worried.

I sighed. "Maxxie, there's nothing wrong with me"

"Go ahead and explain the passing out then"

"Exhaustion from not eating"

"And the fucky appetite?"

"Nausea from the dizziness"

He didn’t look convinced. "Just humour me and let the docs confirm that. Please?"

I sighed again. "I've been through all this before"

He flashed me a questioning look.

"When I was about eleven I smacked my head against a wall. Not just like a bump, I mean I nearly fractured it. And I was dizzy and kept blacking out and had a fucky appetite for like a month after it healed up. So Mom dragged me down here and they did blood test after blood test and there was nothing wrong with me. I just stayed off school for two weeks and ate loads of hot dogs and shit like that”

"Well you haven't nearly fractured your skull recently, have you?"

"I hit my head on a tree the other day. Like, fell on the branch and landed on my face. It's probably just that"

He sighed. "I'd be happier if you stuck around here, but I can't make you" he shrugged, sitting on the edge of the bed.

I shivered slightly at the thought of sticking around. "I don't like doctors"

"I know. You and Cay seem to have pretty similar views on hospitals" he said with a tiny smile.

I sort of ignored that but smiled faintly before putting my serious face back on. "I don't like people touching me"

"Tell them then. They're here to make you better, not freak you out"

"I told them when I was eleven. They didn't fucking listen then and they won't listen now"

He was silent at that.

"I'm leaving now"

He looked kind of unhappy and I frowned a little bit but started walking away anyway.

"At least go see your brother before you leave"

I stopped walking without realising it. See Cayden…after all this?

"He's not have any visitors for a while, I reckon he'd appreciate it"

"...I'll think about it"

He nodded and I walked off. Did I really want to go see him?

The End

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