Maxxie: Mexico?Mature

So the long and short of it is, Hadley's symptoms are too generic for any particular problem. It could be anything from not sleeping right to anaemia.

That and I actually feel kind of guilty for Cayden. I'm not only the reason he's there, but now John's got what he wanted, he's alone there too.

As I exit the hospital, I feel on edge again. Inside, it had some kind of sterile safe feeling. I was surrounded by people who wouldn't let anything happen. Now I'm outside and there's only a few people milling around having a smoke or a chat. I make a dash straight for my car and with only a quick stop for some cigarettes of my own, I get to the motel as quickly as I can to say goodbye to Alex and pick up Caleb.

I see Pete in the parking lot, waiting for his champ to hurry the fuck up with saying goodbye to Caleb. He sort of gives me this surprised look as I pull up a few spaces down from him and get out. I pass him on the way to get upstairs and he sticks his head out the window.

"Hey, I'd have thought he was saying goodbye to you," he looks confused. I try not to laugh as I reply.

"We split up more than two years ago, Pete. Keep up." He keeps looking confused as I wander upstairs to Alex's room.

"One taxi for a certain Caleb," I smile as the ginger answers the door.  He kind of pouts at me.

"You suck." Keep that up ginger, and I'll leave you stranded here with no Alex and no Hadley.


"Taxi," he grumbles and I laugh, ushering him out, looking past him to see Alex picking up his bag.

"All set?" I ask and he nods, smiling at me, "Pete's waiting outside for you." Caleb is unusually quiet as we walk down towards Pete's car together. Alex takes his hand and I trail behind, trying to ignore it. When we get down there, Pete looks Caleb up and down appraisingly, but I don't think he notices. I punch Alex's arm and grin at him "try that feint and I'll kill you." He laughs and pats my back with his free hand.

"You two stay out of trouble while I'm gone. I'll be back before you know it." Caleb jump hugs Alex and kisses him.

"I'll wait for you in the car," I mutter to Caleb as Alex hold him up and kisses back. I wander off to the car and sit inside it with my eyes closed while I wait for their make out session to finish up. Eventually, I hear Alex saying something about needing to go.

"I'm gonna miss you," Caleb says. I catch him pecking Alex on the lips and Alex kisses back before gently putting Caleb down.

"I'll miss you too. But like I said, you'll barely notice I'm gone." Caleb pouts a little bit and it's at that point that Pete rolls down the window and leans out to berate them for taking so long saying goodbye. They kiss once more before Alex decides he's pushed Pete enough and gets in the old car. Caleb just kind of stands there and I smile slightly, remembering exactly how that felt the first time. Pete drives off, pulling a sigh from Caleb's lips. I'd planned to pick up mine and Hadley's stuff while I was here, but I figure that can wait til later, as I lean over and open the door for Caleb.

"I want a hug," he says as he gets in. I hesitate for a second before hugging him and he just sighs again.

"C'mon. We'll go back to mine and Hadley can give you a hug." He nods and I smile slightly, setting off. "What d'you think the chances are of you being able to sneak off to Mexico for a few days?" I ask after a few minutes of him staring out of the window in silence.

"Pretty slim," he replies.

"If me and Hads came with you?" he shrugs. Wow. What a positive mental attitude there, Caleb. I'm offering to fly us all out to Mexico for your benefit and I get a shrug? I roll my eyes and go back to concentrating on the roads, hoping Hadley's okay while I've been out.


The End

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