Cayden: SurgeryMature

You know how I was saying the American medical system was fucking appalling? I change my mind. The day John came to visit, this hot doctor guy came over and basically said “go you, you’re getting some sexy metal plates screwed into your ribs. Oh, and guess what? You don’t have flail chest. Good job”.

So there I was. Lying in my hospital bed, hungry and waiting for John to show up. Not being able to eat because you’re waiting for surgery sucks. Oh, John taking ages to show up sucks as well. I had an hour to go til I was getting these sexy plates fitted and there was still no sign of John. I started to worry a little bit. Can you blame me? First time I’ve ever had surgery and I haven’t seen the fucking love of my life in two days.

Did I ever mention how hospitals creep me out? Oh yeah, I remember. It was when Alex… Jeez, why is he always the fucking reason I’m in hospital? Did I ever mention I’ve never had surgery? I didn’t? Well there you go, I’ve never had surgery before. Thanks for showing up, John, that’s real fucking sweet of you. Okay, calm down, he still has half an hour to show up. Y’never know, maybe he’s gonna turn up when you wake up from the anaesthetic. He fucking better. Maxxie would’ve been here…


“Alright, ten minutes to go. Wish me luck” I said to the empty chair next to my bed.

Sure enough Mom was claiming all this on the family health insurance but that didn’t mean she wanted to see me. Neither did Dad to be honest. I wanted to call Ava on my cell but the fucking doctors wouldn’t let me because I was having trouble breathing every now and then and they were worried “the extra strain put on your lungs might increase the chance of a puncture”. By the time y surgery rolled around I was freaking out and they kind of had to just go ahead and knock me out.


When I woke up, despite the morphine, I felt fucking sore. And sure enough…there was no John. Fuck, I would’ve been happy to see Maxxie at this point. Wait, didn’t I say that once about Alex? Or something like it anyway.

I looked down at my chest, happy to see the lack of a chest drain. They’d been talking about putting me one when they’d thought I might’ve had flail chest. And then they thought I might’ve had fluid in my lungs anyway because I was finding it hard to breathe.

Once I’d stopped poking at my already sore chest I noticed the flowers on the table next to me. I bet they’re from John. Cheeky asshole probably has some excuse about not showing up. I leant over to check them out but fuck, it hurt. I sank back once I’d managed to grab them. They were pretty nice. Not too fancy but they looked like they’d cost a decent amount. I hunted down the card that came with them and boy, it took a while since I kept getting twinges in my chest from… I don’t know, the stitches or the plates or something. I did eventually find it, though. All it said was “get well soon””. Wow, thanks. I sort of threw them back on the table and sulked a little in my bed. Which was around the time some other doctor appeared. Good, maybe they can give me some sympathy.

“Hi, Cayden” he said, glancing at my medical chart.


“How are you feeling?”

“Like I’ve just had my chest cut open. What about you?”

He laughed a little. Dude, you’re so fake. “Cayden, a couple of the doctors that have examined you are slightly concerned about something”

“And that would be?”

He sighed before answering. “I think you know what, Cayden”

I shook my head. I’m not a fucking doctor.

“Your weight, Cayden. You’re underweight for you height. I can tell just by looking at you”

“Gee, thanks” I said sarcastically.

“Cayden, I think it might benefit you to stay here under observation for a while”

“What?” Do they not understand how much hospitals fucking freak me out?

“Just so we can get a better view on what you eat in a normal day. You’d be transferred to a more private ward and hey, you wouldn’t have to eat gross hospital food” he said kind of cheerfully at the end.

“What, you think I’m fucking anorexic or something?” I laughed in disbelief. Why does nobody get that I’m just skinny? I eat like a fucking horse. No, like a… like an animal that eats a lot.

“We’re not assuming anything, Cayden, we’re just worried”


The End

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