Maxxie: dizzyMature

I even manage to stay relaxed when we leave. I drive us back to my apartment and manage to ignore any worries about what's going to happen. Hell, maybe I even need it to snap me out of the constant state of panic I've been in since what happened at John's.

Hadley gives me about enough time to shut the door and put down my keys before he starts making out with me and I vaguely wonder whether my worries about his sudden desire for sex were totally unfounded. I wrap my arms around him and kiss back, nipping at his lower lip as he runs his hand through my hair. After a moment's hesitation, I slide my hands under Hadley's shirt, exploring his torso almost tentatively.

He bites his lip and starts to undo my jeans. I mask a sharp intake of breath as his hands brush against my skin. C'mon, Max, keep it together, it's Hadley.

I pull his shirt off and smile slightly as he kisses my neck. I break away long enough to take my own shirt off before resting my hands on his hips, holding us close together. He kisses me and pulls back a little, trying to unfasten his belt.

I litter soft kisses down his torso as I crouch in front of him and unbuckle it for him. As I glance up, I see him blushing and I stand back up, pressing my lips to his as I close my eyes and push my own jeans down, willing myself to kick them away. He kisses back, tugging at my hair as I shuffle us backwards into the bedroom. Well, if we're gonna do it, we gotta do it properly, right?

He pulls off his board shorts and goes back to kissing me. I glance at the bed. I can do this, I tell myself. I sit on the edge of the bed and lay back, kissing him and pulling him with me so he's on top of me. He rests his hands on my chest and I lean up to kiss him again, thinking about how easily the thought of getting even this far had turned me on before. He kisses back but then he pulls back and I frown slightly.

"Maxxie, why are there three of you?"

"Umm..." concern lines my face as he frowns a little bit.

"I feel really dizzy..."

"It's okay, Hads, just lie down," I murmur.

"No, I mean like really dizzy." I bite my lip, worried as I help him sit down, leaning on the wall.

"D'you want me to get you a drink?" Shutting his eyes, he nods and I kiss him on the forehead, before slipping off to get him a glass of water.

 When I get back and try to hand it to him, he doesn't open his eyes and I feel my state of panic beginning to return. Did I cause this? Is it my fault?

"Hadley?" I ask softly.

"I feel sick."

"Do you think you're gonna throw up?" I don't do puke. Why d'you think I've learnt to keep it down when I'm drunk?

"I dunno."

"One sec, I'll get you a bowl." I go off to get him the washing up bowl from the sink, wondering what triggered it. 


The End

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