Catching up


As the first years piled in, I nudged Lorcan who was sat next to me and laughed. 

"I swear we weren't that small when we started." I said, shaking my head. He glanced over at the line of witches and wizards and raised an eyebrow. 

"You might not have been, but I think I was smaller!" He said. I laughed, remembering back to our first year. I'd met Lorcan Lovegood on the train and the reason why I'd sat in his cart in the first place was because he was so small. In fact, his overall appearance was quite odd, with his thin white-blonde hair and his almost grey eyes. If he wasn't wearing colourful clothes I might have guessed he was a ghost. 

"Who are those Gryffindors, the ones staring at us?" he said suddenly. I looked over to where he was looking and saw that Ariana and two of her friends were staring over. She blushed as she saw us looking and turned before I had time to wave. I smiled at her two friends and they bent their heads in fits of laughter. 

"I met one of them on the train, when it broke down." I told him, "She's called Ariana. There was also an American in fifth year, called Dylan." 

I turned to the Hufflepuff table and pointed him out. He was faced the other way though so I didn't call him over. 

"So that's where you disappeared to when you 'went to get food' before." Lorcan said, grinning. 

"Sorry, I was tired." I said, smiling apologetically. "What did you do?" 

"I had to go sit with Lysander, didn't I!"

Lysander was his twin brother, and they didn't always get on. I liked Lysander, but found him a little ... weird at times. 

Suddenly, the room quietened down as the headmistress stood up in front of the hall. Professor Mcgonagall also teached transfiguration and she was one of the strictest teachers at the school. She placed the sorting hat on the stool and we all watched as one by one, the first years were sorted. I cheered as some of them were named Ravenclaws. 

Then the food came out, and I grinned. My mother was an amazing cook, but no one could cook a feast like the house elves of Hogwarts. Within ten minutes, I was ready to pop after a fully satisfying meal. 

"Those girls have been staring over here and at that poor American for the whole duration of that meal." Lorcan said casually, as he popped a jam tart into his mouth. 

I glanced over and saw that Ariana was looking only at her food as her two friends were giggling away pointing at me and Dylan. I waved over and silently cheered as they turned bright red. Ariana looked up and smiled apologetically. 

"I don't understand what's so funny." I said to Lorcan as he was still amazingly shoving more food down. 

"You're older and good looking. It's girls for you isn't it." he said, shrugging his shoulders. I rested my head on my arm and batted my eyelashes at him. 

"What?" He asked, confused.

"Say it again." 

"Say what, 'it's girls for you'?" He began to look uncomfortable as I sighed.

"No, how good looking you think I am." I said, laughing. 

He punched me in the arm and started laughing. "Shut up! Come on, quit fooling around and lets go bed, I'm knackered."

As we reached the doors, we bumped into Dylan again.

"Hey, pal. This is Lorcan." I said, introducing them both. 

"Hey." Dylan said, looking slightly awkward. 

"I think we've both had an audience while being in here." I said to him, nodding to Arianas friends. He looked over and blushed heavily. 

"Why were they staring?" He asked, confused. 

I shrugged. "Why does a girl do anything. Anyway were off, I'll see you soon yeah?" 

He nodded, and smiled. He then wondered off in the direction of the kitchens. I'd heard that the Hufflepuff common rooms were down there, but hadn't known for sure until now. 

Then with a loud burp, me and Lorcan made our way to the Ravenclaw tower. 

The End

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