A Grand Feast

I'd forgotten how beautiful Hogwarts was. The summer had been a long one and school was always at the back of my mind. Every week or so I'd receive a letter from a school friend, but otherwise I had no interaction with magically folk for the last two months. Thank goodness for school.

Toby, Dylan and I walked to the carriages together. In front of us, my class friends Maria and Claire were laughing manically. They turned to see me. 

"Oh, hey Arianna. Didn't see you there." Claire said between chuckles. 

I ran off ahead of the boys and boarded the carriage in front of theirs.

"Maybe we'll see you later?" 

I nodded and smiled as we rode away. 

When we were out of earshot, Maria took an opportunity to make fun of me, an enjoyment that rarely came around. "So, who's your new friends?" She said mockingly. "They look a little old for you." 

"C'mon guys, that's not funny. They're nice guys."

"Oh, I bet they are!" They joked together.

I laughed, tutted and shook my head. "You're just jealous because I'm friends with 4th and 5th year boys." I retorted. "Plus, he's American." 

The Great Hall was packed and the Sorting Hat was out once again. I sat half way along the Gryffindor table, with Claire and Maria on either side, and the ginger boy, Hugo Weasley, sitting across the table. Hugo had inherited his father's appetite, as he was ripping the chicken in the centre of the table to shreds. It was lucky that I wasn't hungry. 

I turned on the bench to face the other tables. Toby was sitting with his friends at the Ravenclaw benches, the house where I should've been placed. Behind him, Dylan wasn't short of company, with people dying to know the new kids name. Then, the Slytherins, where Trixie Malfoy sat, glaring at me.

The End

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