Saying Goodbyes


I couldn't wait to get back to Hogwarts. Not because of my friends, or the lessons. Not even because of the fact that I could do magic at last which I'd been dying to do all Summer. No, it was because my Grandfather had stayed this summer and I'd had enough of the lunatic. 

Mother had insisted that he came to see me off, and he'd already caused a scene before we had even managed to get to Platform 9 3/4. 

"What are all these muggles wearing?" He shouted across the station, causing many people to stare. "Why do I have to wear these clothes? They itch. I'd rather walk around in the nude!"

My mother sighed and linked his arm in an attempt to distract him. "Dad, we're almost there. Can you try not to get us kicked out before we even reach the platform?"

I walked on with my trunk and soon came across the secret entrance. I didn't even flinch as I stepped through the wall. The huge steam train stood before me and I grinned. Nearly there. 

"Annette, fetch me some tea I'm thirsty." My grandfather yelled as he stepped through the wall. My sister rolled her eyes.

"Grandfather, we're not at home any more. There's no tea here." She said, while pleading me to take her with me with her eyes. 

Grandfather huffed. "I'd watch that girl, Hortense. She's a sly one she is. Not making me tea like a good little girl." 

My mother unlinked her arm. "She's a good girl, and you should be grateful to have her in your family." She pulled Annette into a hug and turned to me.

"Have fun this year, sweetie. Try to at least pretend you're paying attention in class. You never know, you might come across something you don't know."

I laughed. "Sure, sure. I'll be a good boy don't you worry.'

"Oh I do worry, I can assure you that." She said with a grin. "Have you got everything?"

"Hortense, are you going back to Hogwarts? I thought you'd done all that?" My Grandfather said suddenly, as he realised where we were. 

"No, that'd be me going." I said, causing him to look my way. He smiled at me, for the first time this summer. 

"You're a handsome chap, you are. Are you intelligent boy?" He asked me and I nodded. "You'll go far you will, I can tell. Don't you run off with no girls though and ruin your prospects. Your mother did that and look where she ended up. She could have been anything she wanted with her brains but you can't with a kid. Not at her age. How old was you love?" 

My mother had gone a deep red, and answered him through her teeth. "Nineteen, dad. Now leave the poor man alone and be quiet for once." 

She pulled me into a hug and grabbed my hand. She slipped a small pouch into my palm and whispered, "Open it on the train. I don't want Annette to see. It's only a few more galleons to see you through the year."

I grinned as I pocketed it. "Thanks mum." 

I left the three of them and stepped onto the huge train. I'd arrived an hour early so it wasn't that busy yet. I took my luggage to my usual cabin and relaxed. Almost there, I thought with a grin. 

The End

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