'How Dare she! who does she think she is?' I thundered. We were all sat in th common room, in the sofas by the window. My throne. No one was aloud to sit on them but me and my group.

Pity the fools who thought they could try to be above me....

Like her. I stood suddenly, and started pacing between the chairs. 'She has to be shown...Who is she to stop me?' I laugh. 'A half blood. practically a muggleborn.'

Sarah Sighs, closing her book. 'Liza, you torment her every day. for some reason unknown to even us, your friends, you hate her. what else can you do to her?'

'Sarah, why are you sticking up for her?'

She blinks- the only way i can tell that she is slightly nervous about broching the subject.  'I'm not. im just being the voice of reason...'

I smile, letting her off the hook. 'I know. but...'

Friendships were often hard. Yes, it was true Slytherins made good friends. we were ruthless, we would do whatever it took...But that also meant that you could not trust us. And i knew that even though my group would follow me to the end of the earth and back, they were scared of me. And so i didnt trust them completely.

I guesture for them to stand. 'Follow me.' I walk past the chairs, kicking a little first years books down as i go. Jumping out of the common room door, i work my way up to the libary, searching for a book. 'I think i have an idea...'

The End

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