Hogwarts: a Tale

I remember the day I got my Hogwarts acceptance letter. My parents, well, they weren’t disappointed, as such, but it wasn’t their first choice of school. They wanted me to go to Dermstrang. ‘Oh,’ they said. ‘It’s much better for people of your heritage.’

Pure blood, they meant.

They didn’t want me talking to Mud-bloods. But Hogwarts was my choice. I could do so much at Hogwarts…

I proved that right.

I was sorted in to Slytherin- the best, most noble house. And I started. Straight away. Gaining friends, gaining enemies. And fives years on, I was still doing it.

‘Miss Black!’ A voice cut me from my daydreams.

I smiled up at the teacher. ‘Yes, Professor?’

‘Care to answer the question for me?’

I frowned, glancing down at the table. The girl, Sarah, next to me scribbled something down on her parchment. I read it. ‘The shield charm…’

The teacher sighed.  ‘Next time, listen. Don’t rely on your friends help.’ She looked accusingly at me and Sarah, but couldn’t say anything else about it. ‘Now, why don’t you show us how to do the shield charm?’

I grinned, as others around me laughed. They knew exactly what was about to happen. Teachers- they never learnt anything. ‘I would, Professor, but we all know I can already do the spell. Why don’t we see if someone else can do it?’ I point my wand at a Gryffindor in the front row, and lazily said ‘Stupefy!’ the Gryffindor slumped forwards in her chair. I put my wand away, getting up. ‘It seems you need to teach them some more, Miss.’

 She turned a shade of angry red. ‘Miss Black, go-‘

I cut her off. ‘See the head of house. Off course I will.’ I moved to the door, turning to wink at my group in the back rows, then walking out, laughing.

This is why I chose Hogwarts.

The End

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