How to get rid of your "Friends"

How to get rid of your friends kit is now in store! Only comes in 2 sizes! And only 4 steps to it!

Step 1: Fatty Puddy. Use this method on your too skinny friends and they will mostlikly leave you!

Step 2: If step 1 hasnt worked and your still being with your too skinny friends. Use the Kick Flick! Get your friends to go to a movie and tell them it's the awesomest movie in the world, like Lord of the Rings. Only it's something very stupid and horrid.

Step 3: How do you still have your friends with you after that? Oh well, try the Bunch Punch. Pick a fight with your friends and make sure you dont get hurt but they do!

Step 4: If your friends still like you then here's the most thing that will get them to go away...

Become a Gothic Emo.

If you find this interesting then call us at;

1-800-DUMBFRIENDS. If you don't have a phone then see our Gags at (don't go to the website)

The End

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