"Crap!" I whispered under my breath. They're gunna have a fight right here?! Of all places! I ran over to Nikki. Her eyes were wide with shock at the magical battle going on right in front of her. "Come on we gotta get out of here!" I told her. She nodded, obviously scared out of her mind. I took her to the pickup and put her in the passenger seat right by me. Just then the door to the shop busted open and the fight was taken outside. it was over before I was able to get in, so I went over to the guy I had talked to earlier. "Wait," I called after them, "come with me I know people who will be willing to give you shelter with a bit of farm work done, I need to talk to you all though."

I squeezed them into the back and then we were off. "Hi , by the way my names is Apex and thanks."

"Beck," I replied, keeping my concentration on the road. 

I glanced over at Nikki...her eyes were still wide open and her hands clung tightly to the arm of the seat. I was going to have a lot of explaining to do...I slid one of my hands over and squeezed her's in what I hoped was a comforting manner. She looked at me and smiled weakly. Ugh, of all the times for a magical duel to occur near me...why now? 

The darkness settled around the house as we arrived. I went around the car and let Nikki out first then opened the door for the wizards to get out. Nikki hid behind me and clutched at my hands. I could feel her shaking. I sighed and gave her hand an encouraging squeeze. 

"It'll be alright, I promise. Could you go tell your parents that there is company? and please wait to mention what happened tonight...I want to be there to help explain." 

She nodded and half walked half ran up the driveway to the house. I turned to the group of assembled mages, "Alright, rules, no one in this family gets hurt. if they do I will personally see to it that you pay...and I can promise you I won't be anywhere near as easy as those jerks in the cafe. keep your magic to a minimum while you are here...the people on earth aren't used to it.  Thirdly, be nice! I respect these people and I expect you to treat them as such." With that I turned and motioned for them to follow me inside; there  was going to have to be a lot of explanations done tonight...

The End

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