Apex: Kiddie toysMature

I look at them these guys where harder then the usual crap you get in the wizard world and they where also probably at a masters wizard level of magic. So I had to be a little more on guard and not as lazy in my motions. I think looking at my arm the wound not heal when I used magic probably magic blockers. More are coming I shoot the pistol off making very loud bangs making small explosions on the ground I put it back on the belt this was kiddie toy to these guys. I take out my sword and charge forwards taking onto magic building on the edge of the blade.

"Flame of the masked sun." I mumble and push forwards while slicing causing an vicious arc of flames to throw the externals back and snap there blades, the arc hitting them turning them to ash. I block to swift attacks that where almost unseeable to the eyes the figures flashed in front of me. I hear the sounds of battle from Smoke and maybe some one else behind me. I focus on my two new enemies that blades longer than mine but skinnier for agility.  I throw the blade in the air it flipping through the air. All weapons where kiddie toys to me if i got serious enough my one hand making a fire spell the compressing spinning air. The two external officers smile and race forwards. The sword falls through one nearly cutting him in half,and sticks out of the ground cracking it. The other still running at me I jump in a front flip over him combining the spells making a storm of fire and deadly wind tearing him up  and his other comrades. I grab the sword swing it confidentially in with my left hand so fast it looks like a fan blade, before sling it on my back.

"Those where low levelled officers, with master wizard levelled magic but not the experience. Things are going to get harder if we stick around here."

"Apex, the human girl is hurt." Garret says with slight concern.

"Phone the 911 one thing then. We have to go we can check up on her later." I say feeling badly but survival came first. Garret takes her cell and presses it to his ear, talking then leaves it on her body.

"Lets go." He says.

"Wait."The humanized wizard says.

"Come with me I know people who will be willing to give you shelter with a bit of farm work done, " I need to talk to you all though." I look at Smoke and Garret they nodded. The other guy got into a large metal shiny thing that Garret called cars and we followed in afterword in the back sitting a bit squashed, especially me because I took up the middle.

"Hi , by the way my names is Apex ,and thanks" I say


The End

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