I move out the way, missing the guys blade but only just.

I cast a shadow spell, making more appear, they cling to the mans sword weighing it down. I smile at him and stbb him in the chest.

I stab him again, making sure he's dead than run quickly to help Apex out. "Where are the others?" He yells as the wizard he's fighting sends a wind spell at him, and a strong one at that.

"Don't know, I'm  kinda busy here!" I yell at him. And this is why I work alone. No distractions.

I skid on the ground, moving under my attackers legs and jumping up behind him. Another sword appears in my hand and I stab them into the two wizards. The wind spell stops now the one the cast it is dead.

Apex quickly runs over to me. I'm still on the look out.

"You okay?" He asks panting a bit.

"One of them cut me but that's all. You?" I say, my eyes quickly darting towards him making sure he's okay.

"I'm good." He pants.

"Good, 'cause they're going to be more than that fight. They would send more, trust me." I say with a smile remembering the last time they came after me.

It was one night after she had just killed two of the biggest werewolves around, I was walking around and they just appeared out of nowhere. After I got rid of the first batch, more showed up.

"Smoke, the others are other there." Apex says, I follow his gaze quickly.

"Okay, lets go over to them. Be on the look out, those bastards like to pop out of no where." I say as we run towards the people we were with earlier. "More on the way. Don't die." I say just as more externals show up.

"They shouldn't play too close to the shadows." I say under my breath then run at them, ready from a bloody battle.

The End

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