Apex: Interest and the externals.Mature

"What is a wizard like you doing in earth? Aren't you supposed to stay in your own world?"  A man asks, I turn to look at him.

"either you're a really smart human or your a wizard. Either way a wizard like me is here because I screwed up. Not that I don't like it here its quite, well amusing. Anyways man or wizard?"  I ask very interested.

"I'm a wizard from an ancient line of wizards that where left behind in separation." He answers simply, " So you don't mean to be here?"

I look at Garret he already new what I was going to ask.

"Some didn't want to leave so they hid away." He answered.

"A bit I want to find out why these to worlds where separated. Anyways I was wondering if you had the answer to my question."

"No I do not know why the worlds separated."

"Shame, anyways if you wanted you could come back with us to our world, you would be helpful to help answer that question, then maybe merge both worlds again depending on why we separated from humans."

"I'm not sur..." Two external officers walk in making a huge amount of noise doing so wearing funky ear things but recognizable badges on their arms.

"Crap." My sword become visible, as they look right at me, my gun appearing in the left sword in the right.

"What the?" The Humanized wizard said. As Smokey also had weapons appear in her hands.

"Lets just say the way I got here messed stuff up on our world and I'm being hunted I jump over him as one released a huge flame which I deflected with my sword shooting him with a flaming ice bullet which exploded on impact blowing a hole in his shoulder. I land on the swiftly moving the sword ready to kill he. Jumps back.

"We have to go!" I shout casting a wind spell deflecting bullets and blowing tables away. The humanized wizard rushes to a human girl protectively. Another external attacks from the side with a sword.  Good thing I had good reflexes I manage to block but he still gets my arm. Man these externals are good!I run out the door I had to fight where it was more open. They follow along with the smokey fight the other, but I can't see garret or the humanized wizard. A sword meeting mine the External's sunglasses locking with my eyes but I'm not sure about his eyes, but his lips form a smile with anticipation written all over it.

The End

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