Nikki disappeared into the kitchen then returned with two plates laden with scrambled eggs and strawberries; all home-grown. She handed me a plate then took one for herself and sat down opposite from me. The breakfast was delightful and Nikki listened eagerly as I told her about my recent adventures to other parts of the world. 

I was just finishing with my storytelling when Nikki's father came in for his breakfast. "Well well well, who have we here?" he asked when he saw me, "If it isn't Beck! My very own good luck charm!" 

I work in the human world, I was born and raised here by one of the few wizards who had been left behind when the separation had occurred. He had been an earth mage just like me, so he had taught me all the spells and things. No body knew that I had these powers except me now because that wizard had died long ago when I was 15. 

I got up and greeted him with a smile. After exchanging hugs we sat back down while he had his breakfast. "Need any help with the farm today?" I asked when he had finished his breakfast. 

"There is always work to be done around here and we would appreciate any help you are willing to give!" 

I nodded and followed him out to a potato field and immediately got to work digging up the potatoes. It was midday when we finished and we went in for lunch. Little did everyone know that I had used the time out in the fields to make the soil all around the farm incredibly fertile as well as giving it certain nutrients that made the plants that grew there almost invulnerable to bugs, fungus and disease. On the way back I asked Mr. Heffler (Nikki's father) if I could take his daughter out for lunch.

He smiled widely, "Of course you can!" he said emphatically. 

I smiled and invited Nikki as soon as I had gotten inside. Nikki fairly squealed with happiness and I smiled so wide that my face nearly split in two. she ran to her room to get ready. It was about half an hour later when she finally came out, she looked absolutely gorgeous! Her raven black hair hung loose down to the small of her back. Her bright green eyes glittered warmly as I looked into them and she flashed me a dazzling smile full of perfect, white teeth. She was wearing casual clothes, but it was obviously put together to impress me. She had a green top that was almost like a dress that came down just past her thighs. She had dark blue jeans that were obviously either new or only for special occasions. She was really stunning, and I told her so. She turned red and looked away shyly before coming up and latching her arm onto mine.

I took her outside and we got into my pickup truck. I had materialized it while no one was looking. i usually preferred to walk in the woods which was why I usually kept my car in magical storage. But now was not a time to walk, as we had a little ways to go before we got to anywhere that we could eat lunch. 

I parked next to a coffee shop that was also known for it's food. It wasn't very crowded, only four people at one table and of course the staff. We sat a couple tables away from the other customers and ordered our lunch. It was really good, although the coffee was only lukewarm. Nikki spent the whole time looking at me and whenever I looked up she would turn red and glance away. It made me smile quite a bit. I was seriously considering hunkering down and just working with them. I had been considering it for a while actually...ever since last time I had visited, I discovered that I really missed Nikki and her family. It was about time I got settled down, maybe start a family. At that point I saw one of the people reach over and heat up a mug of coffee. He had had no machine, fire, or anything! 

"Excuse me a second, "I asked Nikki as I got up and moved toward the man. I had no idea there were any other mages here on earth! I knew all about the wizard mentor had taught me all about it but none of them were allowed here... 

I got up to him and put my hand on his shoulder. "What is a wizard like you doing on earth? Aren't you all supposed to stay in your world?" I asked as he turned around.

The End

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