Apex: The storyMature

 "Its a long story."The wizard says behind me.”

"Tell me its not like I have anything important to attend to in a dream. No wonder I had that crazy phone call this morning it was to good to be true."

"Your not dreaming, trust me."  I said looking rate at her, she turns to look at sort wishing she could.

"How am I supposed to trust a guy I hit at 90, who walks perfectly fine, and talks strangely?"

"Because if you saw my world you would understand."

"Whatever that is." She mumbles.

"Anyways you wanted to hear it so here it is. Our world used to be part of the world 2000 years ago that's when our leaders decided that we had to split away from the human world."


"That's what I want to know, what did you humans do 200o years ago?" I ask her.

"How am I supposed to know? I wasn't there!"

" Oh. Anyways in my curiosity to find out why I broke into a management building.."

"What's that?"

"Government building." The guy says behind me.

"Anyways in the building in combat I found myself locked in the wrong room with a transitional pillar which has the magical energy to keep both worlds parted, and they also happen to be one of the most beautiful things in magic and to those well in tune to it calls out them, which it did to me. I touched it in turn I began to be absorbed into it so I injected my own magical energy into it making a hole into the human world all in all bringing us here. Do you believe me yet?" I ask.

"No! but hell that is pretty convincing." She turns the wheel thing right making us zoom to the right, " Here is the coffee shop. Coffee on me if you want it?"

" I still don't know what that is." I said curious.

"Its a drink humans have when trying to wake up, also used in many social activities." the guy helps me again with understanding the humans world.

"You know your becoming pretty useful, what's your name?"


"Apex." I reply hoping he would say something like, oh your that real pain in the behind or aren't you the one the media is raving about becoming the youngest master wizard but instead he brushes pass me uncaring.  So I catch up to the girl who opens this glass door to a shop that had this horrendous smell lingering in it.

"Is this the smell of coffee?" I ask quietly.

"Yes, isn't it wonderful?"

"Its horrible." I say breathing through my mouth.

"Oh hey Valerie , the usual?"  someone says from the counter

"Yes, and I have a few.... friends that are going to get something to." She gestures towards us, "What do you want?" she points at the board, which I was surprised I could read but not understanding what it was saying. I look at a glass display case seeing something in the shape of a crescent with a dark brown drip all over it.

"Can I have that." I point.

"Uh, sure," then turns to the counter, " one chocolate croissant."  She turns to the others who order something that was equally as strange as whatever I got.  As we waited for the beverage that Valerie  bought the counter girl asked, " Nice eyes, are they contacts?"

"Contacts?" I question," Well if you are referring to them as fake, no these are they true colour."

"Huh, birth defect?"

"I'm not defective." I say slightly hurt.

"Oh, your kinda cute, phone me later after five." She slides over a paper with numbers.

"Okay." I say confused

  I turn to Valerie who now had a cup in her hand of the horrible smelling stuff and my 'chocolate croissant'

"What does phone mean?" I ask handing showing her the paper. She hits her heard.

" Don't you have phones in your world?Besides why would Nikki want you? You're so weird! This has to be a dream but it so.." She walks off towards a table handing me the croissant.  I sit across from her instantly.  

"You didn't answer my question."

"Ahh." She goes through her pockets, annoyed, “this is a phone you dial the number to talk to someone. She shows me the device from earlier.

" So a communication totem?"

"Ya whatever, and I suggest you don't take the offer."

"What offer? She just wants to talk." I say, all of them go quiet around me, " What?"

"Are you this oblivious where you come from?"

" Oblivious? I'm pretty sharp when it comes to magic and stuff."

"Or maybe everyone in your world is stupid. She likes you dimwit."

"Oh." I say getting it. Smokey giggles at me, I don't care much I'm finding this world amusing each thing, and social behaviour totally fascinating me.

"Arrg is there something wrong with the coffee machine here. its cold again." Valerie says.

"Oh that easy to take care of." I say casting a spell under the table steam began to appear out of the cup.

"Thanks, if you guys are real you should stick around, having tricks like that so much easier."

"Could probably teach you if I knew more about humans."  I reply.  Then the device starts making peculiar noise not startling but fascinating me, I stare as Valerie casually grabs it.

The End

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