Garret: Ouch.Mature

He punches my nose and breaks it, the blood starts running and he runs away. I am standing on the side of the street as the blood is running down my face, then I place my hands upon my face and I cast a spell to heal and the blood stops running. I wipe it away on my sleeve and then teleport into the backseat of the car that Apex was in.

"Oh my God!" The woman swerves and then restructures her driving. "What the ****!"

"Please drive better."

Apex turns around in his seat and looks at me. "What's drive?"

"What she is doing right now, she is driving a car. That's the giant metal thing we're in."

"How do you know?"

"One of the props of being a higher-up. I know about the human world."

"So, you know why we were separated?"

"No, Galenth does though, I'm not privy to such information."

The woman talks, "What are you two doing here?"

"Long story," I reply.

The End

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