Okay, I found that human talking to Apex was funny but know she has taken him away in her shiny thing! I look at the dude next to me and smile. "Gotta dash." I say and sprint after the car, I use and invisability spell so no stupid human will be freaking out and I increased my speed.

I can see the thing that the human and Apex are in, not that far away. I use a speed charm and I'm next to it in seconds. I look at the weird thing wondering how to get inside.

I remember that the human pulled this black handel thing. I do the same and the door opens making both the human and Apex jump. "Don't open the car door while I'm driving! It's dangerous... Oh yeah, I'm dreaming so it doesn't matter what you bloody do!" The human nearly yells, I smile and get in the car closing the door.

"What the...?" Apex starts to ask as he feels the weight of my body sitting on his lap. I smile, my turning visable again. "Smoke? What are you doing?" He asks, trying to get rid of a smile trying to show on his face.

I shrug. "Well, I just wanted to come in and say hi 'cause, you know, you bloody left me with a dude I don't know to go off with some human!" I say and shrug, climping into the back of the human machine.

The lady sees me and laughs. "Oh good, another one."

Suddenly the dude from our world pops up next to me. I turn to him, not jumping. "You should of used a teleport spell, it would of been easyier." He says making me scowl at him.

I don't like this dude, he talks too much.

I frown at him and punch him in the nose hearing the bone break, then I hit him in a pressure point, knocking him out. I smile and sit back.

I look at Apex who is smiling at me. "What?" I say.

He shrugs and laughs. "Nothing, I was just thinking what a people-person you are." I smile a little and then turn my gaze around my surroundings. I'm a hunter so I'm always on guard.

The End

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