Alright this guy was pissing me off, assuming a crap load of things.

"First of all I have no connections to that fat twirp, second a flare spell won't be useful at all cause we are in the human world and we would have to in our world to use it." I point out having a strong wind spell gather in my hands. He looks around taking it all in.

"We are stuck here until the externals come buy to pick us up, and I'm not to keen into running into them." I say turning around frustrated. I place a spell over my sword to make it invisible to the eyes of humans even then we all are going to look out of place probably. The guy followed after us.  I could feel another electricity spell gather I turn around casting a barrier around him.

"Like I said I have no connection to Garenth Dysley, so you can attempt to catch me but I assure you I'm at masters level of magic and I can take on greater wizards if you are no problem. I don't care if you follow after me if you mean no harm but its going to mean becoming a fugitive because i'm going to have to find the externals local office around here and use their machine to get me back to our world."

"You didn't warn me of this!" Smokey says angrily.

" It was my own stupid mistake." I say angrily, " I didn't plan on this one bit, I just wanted to know why we split from the humans so long ago!"  She was angry at me but I knew yelling at me wasn't going to help.  I swept my arm and the barrier disappeared, and began walking toward a heavy roaring noise I walked through a row of trees  seeing something surprised me. Metal machines racing down a flattened on the surface. I could see humans in them.  They did not slow to let me cross which was a bit upsetting so I took a step assuming they would slow down, but instead I found my self  flying through the air quickly my legs in pain doing flips over the metal machines I hit a concrete structure dividing the flattened surfaces, my head spinning my legs broken, so I cast a spell quickly putting them into place. The machine that hit me stopped to the side of the flattened surface and ran towards me.

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry! What we you doing walking out on the highway?"

"Highway?" I ask.

" Shit he has memory loss." She take out a device in her hands, " Just stay here I'm dialling 9-1-1."

"What?" I ask too shocked to try to present myself as human with knowledge of a human.

" Oh this is bad." Mutters.

"Don't worry about it I'm quite good." I get up brushing myself.

"Trust me I had worse." She drops the device.

" Worse? I just fucking hit you doing 90!"

"Well... maybe you didn't hit me at 90."  She eyed me strangely. Humans are interesting,I do have to admit. I see that guy and Smokey across the surface.

"I think it will be faster if I take you the hospital myself you have to be in shock and it seems your been brain damaged." She grabs my head.  I knew what a hospital is.

"No honestly I'm fine." I say trying to resist. I look at Smokey who was just smiling at me , and the dude didn't appear to care much.  She shoves me into the device which I found fairly claustrophobic. She gets in on the other side.

"Put your seat belt on!"

"My what?"

"This." She grabs a strap.

"Uh okay." I say grabbing it trying to make it stay across me to no avail so I casted a spell sticking it to the seat.

"On properly, Man this is like dealing with a child." She grabs the strap and it doesn't move.

"What the hell?"

"Oh allow me." I put my hands over it the seat glows a bit releases the strap.

"What the hell, this isn't normal, this is not what I need to today." She says trying to say calm, " I must be hallucinating!" She starts freaking," No i'm not, What the fuck are you?!"  I found this amusing, just a simple trick with magic gets humans on the roof.

"Shh. Just pretend you didn't see that, if you don't want to believe it."

"What are you one of those creeps who mess with peoples heads?"

" Trust me If I told you the truth you wouldn't believe me."

"Shoot, I can believe a lot of things."

"Alright, lets say there is a world connected to this where dragons, elves, wizards and much more exists."

"Yup either I'm still dreaming or I'm going crazy." she obviously was still in denyle, I felt bad for her but I couldn't really see where she was coming from.

"Well if this is a dream, I should just play along with it. I was going to get a coffee. Do you want coffee?"

"Uh sure, what is that?"

" You'll see weird dream person." She drives off Leaving Garret and Smokey behind.

"No I'm quite real, this isn't a dream."

"So are you implying I'm a crazy schizophrenic?"

" A what? No your not crazy its just I'm really not supposed to be in this world."

" I don't think schizophrenic illusions tell make it simple to tell they are crazy , but I must be this isn't possible." She talks to herself.

The End

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