Valerie: Just Another DayMature

The obnoxious blaring music from the phone on the bedside table awoke me from a dead sleep. I tried to pretend I was still unconscious, but it was proving difficult. "Baby, can you get that?" Came a stifled murmur from beside me. In spite of my frustration, I couldnt stop the slight smile from crossing my lips.

The name on the phone read Michael. "It's your brother," I told him. When he didnt reply, I answered it

"Valerie, is that you?" Came a booming voice from the other end. Michael was the sort of person who was never speaking but always announcing. "Listen, I need a huge favor."

Pushing back the covers, I gripped the phone between my ear and shoulder as I peered through the early morning darkness for any sign of my clothes. "What do you want, Michael?" I asked, trying to keep my own voice down so as not to further disturb Parker, my boyfriend, from his sleep.

"Valerie," here Michael inserted a dramatic pause. He was more dramatic than any girl I'd ever met. "I'm getting married!"

At that, I could not contain my excited squel. "Ohmigod!" I cried. "Oh, Michael, congratulations!"

"Val, I need you and Parker. We want you as our maid of honor and best man."

With excitement coursing through me, I assured him that we would do absolutely anything we could to help. Michael had been there for both Parker and I on more occassions than I could count. Pulling a shirt over my head, I searched for a piece of paper and a pen to scrawl a quick note. Went for coffee, angel. Better call your brother and congradulate him. I love you, Valerie.

Who was I to know that when I stepped out the door, it wouldnt be into just another day?

The End

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