Garret: Intruders.Mature

"We have a code red in sector three, the gargoyles have failed."

I look lazily at the captain.

"Fine, let's go."

I walk with them, my white robe trailing along the ground after my footsteps. The captain and his crew jog lightly, and I decide that I should too. When we reach sector three we find the door jammed.

"This is problematic."

"Can't you open it?"

"Hey, I'm good for healing and the odd offensive strike, you need a tech mage."

Then one of the jarheads does something completely stereotypical. He shoots the door. Luckily, it works, the door opens. Captain steps through first, and we see nothing.

"They're not here."

One of the crew speaks "Maybe they escaped?"

"No, it's not that."

I begin thinking on possiblities. Then I have an idea.

"All of you, leave."

"You don't get to order me around, Garret."


I cast a small spell, stinging all of them. Rather pissed off, they decide to follow my orders. Then, I close the door behind them, and I walk to the central pillar.


I touch the pillar, then I cast a spell into the pillar, a white light, and then... a portal to the beach.

I look at the two people walking away. I assume they must be the people I'm looking for, I run up to them and I cast a spell, stinging them badly. The two turn to look at me.

"Did you happen to fight a gargoyle today?"

One of them raises their eyebrows, but the other one speaks.


"Right, that's why you have rock dust on your shoulder. Don't worry, as long as I can get something out of this, I won't turn you in."

"What do you want?"


The girl gasps, then speaks. "That spell is forbidden, no one knows it, not even the biggest criminals!"

"Oh, trust me, someone knows it. And his name is Galenth Dysley, the Magistrate."

The boy scoffs. "How do you expect to get the spell from him?"

"I have my ways. Anyways, as long as you'll take me to him, with your obvious skill, then I won't turn you in. What do you say?"

The End

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