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I had no doubt in my mind Thea Smoke, or smokey as she likes to call herself was the Smoke, how do I know? A couple simple reasons I'm usually called out to kill a monster or some criminal, the smoke sometime appears before me, and kills the target, so out of curiosity I watched the mysterious criminal/ hero , and quickly found out her true Identity. Coming back to the present I opened the door my great broadsword , and pistol becoming quite viable.

"I thought you were looking for a sword?" Smokey asks me.

"Love the damn things at my house I have various swords to chose from but this one is my favourite, channels magic quite nicely." I smile back.

"So where are we going?"

"You'll see, ever wondered why we closed our world off from the human's." I add.

"Never cared they sounded like ignorant pricks in history class."

"Well, I'm intend to find out why, its such a huge cover up that everyone just seems to accept. So I'm going to break into a management office."

"I really don't think that is wise." She says.

"Oh come on I know who you really are it will be a thrill, and I can pay you, if you would like." I turn and smile as her face turns to shock.

"You better not be turning me in."

"I wouldn't I don't see you as a criminal or I would have killed you already."

"Who are you, exactly?"

"A minor wizard, slayer of sorts I don't have the patience to look over boring spells and my skills are better being used then just being kept in, and I also like to nit pick at the counsels and government. Oh and I suggest you get your uniform so you won't get caught as your real Identity seeing the building just in the distance of the farmlands. She puts on her hunting gear.

"So what do you want me to do?"

"There is going to gargoyles most likely, just would be nice to have companion watching my back those pesky gargoyles don't get knocked out and killing them would be a bit extreme."

"So basically keep the heat off your back?"

"Essentially, and I can pay you fairly well."

"Alright lets do this." She says as we both run to the management building, Upon arrival we encountered a few spell that I easily deactivated when opening the building revealing work stations, communication keys, and of course the gargoyles I was talking about earlier. They rush forwards not bothering to ask what I was doing here my sword comes out hitting the stone fist sparks flying off I push forwards with force flames shooting across the aisle. My pistol in my left hand I shoot the gargoyle the bullet turning into sharp electric poles pinning it to the wall.

"One down. Come one what I'm looking for isn't in this room." I say running forwards defending myself from oncoming gargoyles.

Smoky and I fought them off for a bit until we were able to seal the door in a room with crystalline pillar in it. It was enchanting and beautiful to look at , the magic coming from calling out with its great power but you could also see the strain being put on it.

" Wow, wrong room but I never though I would come across a transitional pillar in such a building." Going to to touch it.

"Is that a good idea?"

"No." I say realizing that I was doing that not good idea thing, but it was too late my hand touched the crystalline matrix magic shooting out around me trying to bring me in to my death, my arm already about arms length in I needed to think fast as I was getting pulled in.  I tried barrier spells attack spells but it only speed up the process leaving one option. Injecting my own magic directly into the pillar knowing one of two things can happen. I get out safely damaging the pillar, or i blow the pillar up with a lower chance of survival, and make a huge freaking gap in the separation of the two worlds, which could be a bad thing because maybe we are keeping the humans out for a very good reason. I gambled and hoped the first thing would happen if I do thing correctly, but of course nothing goes to plan as Smokey and I are enveloped in bright wight light of pure magic.

The End

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