My sword slips from my grip as the vampire stands on my hand. He's face twisted in hunger and anger.

"I'll be famous after I kill you. I'll be the only creature to catch smoke with my bare hands." He snarls down at me, a horrid smile on his face. I smile back.

"That's nice. You acturally think you can beat me. Well, even a monster like you needs hope then." I smile as I bring the shadows around the vampire. They weave around him, pushing him away from me.

I jump to my feet and snatch up my sword.

I flip it around in my hand, the shadows clinging to it, making the shadows form like fire around it. I smile down at the shocked vampire.

"I still can't get over how easy you lot think it is to kill me, none of you even get close." I smile down at him then stab my sword into his neck, chopping off his head.

I put my sword on the floor by my feet as I search the vampires pockets for some cash. I smile as I empty his pockets, I put the money bags into my right boot then pick up my sword.

I smile as I head towards town, I take off my hunting gear so no one knows that I'm Smoke. It's funny really, I've been doing this for three years and no one has ever found out that I Thea Smoke age 19 is the feared Smoke.

I shake my head as I walk into the nearest pub.

"Thea Smoke. I had a feeling that I would find you hear." A man says and sits next to me. I look at him with my dark green eyes, he's a wizard. I take my dirty blonde hair out of its ponytail, letting my hair fall to my shoulders.

"Smokey." I correct him. I don't like being called Thea, everyone knows that. The guy gives me a lazy smile making me narrow my eyes.

"I've heard a lot about you. I'm Apex and I was wondering about that sword of yours, do you know where I could get one?" He smiles at me and I shrug. I order a pint of dragonbeer.

As soon as it comes I give the bartender the money for it and sit down at the table nearest the door. Apex sits next to me.

"So about that sword?"

"It's personally made for me, you can't have one made 'cause the dude who made it is dead and no you can't have mine." I say in a bored tone and take a sip of my dragonbeer. I let it burn its way down my throat.

"Shame. How'd the guy die?"

"Smoke killed him." I say and shrug, letting nothing show on my face. I didn't really want to kill Ronald Marks but it was a job that I was getting paid for pulse he was killing innocents so I had to do something.

"That Smoke is annoyingly good."

I look at him and raise an eyebrow, normally people shudder at the name and mutter something about evil or they change the subject.

"Yeah she's evil and all but she is good." Apex says looking at me. I shrug.

People think I'm evil, well Smoke. But I'm not, I do work in the way many say the dark ones do but that's it. The dark ones just say I'm evil so it seems like I'm on their side to do whatever it is that they are doing.

I smile a little, like hell I'm on their side.

"Come with me." Apex says and gets to his feet. I stare at him for a while, how cocky is this guy thinking that I'll follow him.

I shrug and get to my feet, what can I say, I'm curious.

The End

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