Ambush! I whipped out my shotgun and fired it at the first attacker. He fell down, half of his right shoulder missing. The next attacker got his leg blown off. I ducked as a pistol fired behind me. As the bullet whizzed over my head I turned and shot off his hand. I looked around carefully, no one else. I put my sawed-off-shotgun back in my belt and went over to inspect the damage. I carefully touched the guy's shoulder, and watched as new skin formed, leaving a depression where my shotgun had taken a chunk of flesh and bone away.

The pain on the man's face disappeared but he remained unconscious, like the rest of them. I moved over to the man with the missing leg and repeated the process. Once all of them had stopped bleeding and I knew they wouldn't die, I moved on.

I wonder why they attacked me?

I was pretty well known and very much respected around these areas, why did they want me dead...why did they even think they had a chance? I shook my head, they were young, like me, they probably just didn't think much about it, might even have been a dare! 

When I got to the next farm I stopped by; I liked the family that lived here, they were so kind and even when their crops were doing poorly, which was often, they were always ready to share what they had with others. I knocked at their front door, and it was thrown open by their daughter, Nikki, who was actually about my age.

"Hi!" she greeted me energetically, "It's been a while since you visited last! Where were you?"

"Here and there," I waved the question off, "I have a lot of people to help you know, places to be, things to do." 

Nikki flashed me a bright smile, "Well come on in! Dad's out on the tractor in the fields and mom's making breakfast, so if you want to have a seat it's pretty much done!"

I smiled, "That would be nice!" 

It was always a pleasure to help these people, make their land more fertile, and their crops much more resistant to fungus and bugs. They were so kind to me, and they were always having such a hard time with their land that the help I gave them probably was all that kept food on their tables and clothes on their backs. I never ever charged them anything for my services, I only charged those who could easily afford it. As usual, I did this because helping people is what I love to do any charge is strictly to keep myself alive.

The End

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