Hitting the ground still runningMature

A world which surround the world of humans but is completly invisable because of an unknown reason, buts all soon about to change when a young wizard trys to find out why the seperation.


2000 years ago

"Separation is vital! The human race has shown us they cannot handle the world of magic, therefore we will split the world in two and we shall watch over them guide them to a bright future and maybe one day reveal ourselves to them." The master wizard of Alonganance says to everybody through every communicating device before ordering each race to partake in the separation of the world making ours surround the humans world while being invisible to them. As the ground rumbles and shakes and we begin to disappear from the world of the humans. No one thinks of why they separate from the human world, no one knew what the humans did.



I stand before the master wizards my large great sword strapped to my back my long black leather jacket hovering just above my ankles, my triple barrelled revolver held by a leather belt, my red undershirt open in few spots, a smile showing confidence, and defiance,my violet eyes challenging the ones before me, my long red standing out from head, my name is Apex, and I'm the youngest wizard to stand before the counsel in a thousand years.

"Apex recent actions of looking through historical documents without permit has brought you here today. You are charged with breaking an entry and reading material that is beyond your level of permission."

" Excuse me but I was just so curious about separation from humans, I can't find out what the humans did that was so bad." I say.

"That is not the matter of discussion!" Ones say dressed in red robes like a classical wizard.

"Well if all due respect it is the matter because that is why I was in the master wizard library lastnight, and I have seen the master wizard's library used by lesser wizards of my calibur without issue even when not allowed being in so in that matter it the information I was looking for that troubles you am I right?"

" You shall show your superiors respect!" The Chalgo a famous wizard yells.

" I said with all due respect." I mutter.

"Yes but you accused us of with holding information."

"This is childish, that's because you are, why can't we know what the humans did?"

"I am growing tired of this convict him, make him pay for damages, and community services for the lack of respect this wizard has shown us." I smiled this was only part of the elaborate plan I had so elegantly designed to get a hold of this information that has been kept a great secret for so long. Since its not usual for a lesser wizard to show up in the master wizards court, especially for one my age this was going to be in the news which means interviews, and putting my point out there. I just hope that I can influence the papers with my own popularity to get it out there. In the world of Lesser wizards I was next in line for a promotion to master wizard which in it self is something that happens every few years, and also because I would also be the first 20 year old master wizard. Too the media I was a protege , and to myself I'm an egotistic overconfident guy who likes to mess with the system.


The End

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