History of...

This started as a way to teach grammar and sentence structure, but I made it into a very short story.
It's still very very rough...
The exercise was to start with a sentence with the following structure.
With his/her x, y, and z, he/she reminded me of... , but he/she was really .... .
Feel free to add your own. :)

With his ruffled clothes, balding head, and quill, he reminded me of yankee doodle without his hat, but he was really a famous playwrite. Of course he didn't know that then. He was just doing what he loved - writing scripts and acting. 

One day at practice, he was rehearsing one of his scripts.  Whenever the actors would stumble on words, he'd revise the script a little. His scripts were never set in stone. They were always changing to accommodate the actors.

Occasionally, he'd like the actors to improv with his writing, and he'd adopt their changes. Today wasn't any different. They were practicing one of his pieces, when a few of the actors suggested some changes.

"What if we change this scene so they all die? A good death scene is bound to draw in some audience for us."

"We already have one death in the play. Do we really need more?"

"Of course! It's been hard to sell tickets lately. And there's been a direct correlation to the number of deaths in a play and the number of ticket sales."

"Alright we'll try it."

And so, the play of Hamlet was written.

The End

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