Kaine: Some Kind of Interview?Mature

Walking home from the meeting I was simply raging in my head, why pair me with him? Of all people they team me up with Matt Gellar, what are they on?

I was in a back alley, and the moon was just about centered in the sky. The moonlight giving me enough light to see everything around me. Sorting out my throwing knives, including secret pockets were more hidden ones were in case of capture. I attached the suppressor onto my M21 sniper rifle, which in my opinion wasn't that good. However, if it gets them in the head, they die. Thats good enough for me. I could reload my Uzi's faster than anyone Ive ever seen, thats good for a battle situation. I practiced for a little while before I heard footsteps coming from behind.

"Kaine" came a voice

I immediately spin round point one of my Uzi's in the persons face, turns out its only Matt.

"Are you going to take that gun out of my face, Kaine?" he said in a harsh tone

"If the CIA wouldn't bust me for it, I'd of shot you by now" I replied, in an equally harsh tone, I then lowered my gun.

"Im here to ask you a few questions"

"This some kind of interview?"

"If that word comforts you then yes" Matt still kept his harsh tone, he kept it all in one vocal level as well. Didn't drop, didn't raise. "Why do you think they picked you for this job?"

I smirked, "They picked me because I'm one of the best in the business, or at least in my area of expertise I am"

"Your not skilled, your nothing but a dirty cheater!" That is when his voice raised in a threatening pitch.

"Oh please, cutting your eye out was purely... Accidental. Although satisfying at the same time" I smirked again "I wouldn't call it cheating"

Matt grunted, he had that evil look in his eye. If the CIA hadn't hired us we'd be ripping each other to shreds, who did put me and Matt Gellar in the same team is an idiot.

Matt didnt say anything, he turned around and began walking away, disappearing into the night.

I at least hope that this, mission that required a team of the worlds finest mercenaries is going to be worth my time. Still, its half a million dollars in the bag, and I like the sound of that.

The End

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