Kavros: Complicated SecretMature

I threw my MP7, M1911, and frag grenades down onto my bed, frustrated with the day's work. First of all, there was the big important meeting where the government offered me and every other merc that had showed up a bunch of money in exchange for our unique services. Then, after that, I'd just come back from doing a few favors for some less savory friends of mine, where things hadn't gone too well. Long story short, the world had one less Russian crime lord to worry about.

On top of all of this was the fact that Saph Flame had been placed on the team I was expected to work with. What kind of moron misses what happened between us? Of course, it hadn't been either of our faults. It was such a stupid thing to come between us.

I had been hired by the previously mentioned Russian friend to steal a diamond that had been stolen from him after he stole it from some museum. I actually had the diamond in my hand when Saph came in and held me at gunpoint while she took the diamond from my hands and strolled off. I, of course, didn't take it personally, but apparently Sapphire had.

Aside from that was the fact that I had caused her father's death - not directly, or at least not intentionally, though.  I’d been paid by one of my associates to stop an artillery strike on her father’s unit. I was told that stopping the artillery strike would end the war, so I did what I was paid to do. I bribed the commander not to begin the attack, and my job was done. Then, three airplanes flew over Saph’s dad’s group of soldiers while they were stopped outside a small town in Iraq. I didn’t think anything of it – until the planes dropped bunker busters on the area. I knew then that I had caused this – by stopping the artillery strike, I had opened the door for an aerial assault which had proved much more deadly than any artillery strike could have been. I never forgave myself for killing Saph’s father.

I guess I would have to put that – as well as my feelings for Saph - aside and just focus on the job at hand.

A knock at the door brought me back to the present. I grabbed my 1911, tucked it in my pants, and looked to see who it was. There before me stood Matt Geller, the leader of our team.

“Matt,” I said. “What brings you here?”

“Well, Scott, I just dropped by to ask if you knew why you were chosen. What skills do you bring to this group?”

I was stunned. “Have you heard of me?” I asked, getting straight to the point. “I mean, I kill people, leave not a single trace ever, and you want to know what skills I bring to the group?”

“Good point,” he said. “It was a stupid question. What I really wanted to know was, what went on between you and Sapphire Flame? You were obviously trying to hide your feelings, but I could tell you felt strongly about her being there. What happened?”

“I can’t tell you anything about that.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m never telling anyone about that, because that stays between me and Sapphire.” I hesitated at the name Sapphire, almost calling her Saph, which would be obvious. I hoped Matt wouldn’t notice.

“I see,” he said. If he’d noticed anything, he wasn’t showing it.

The End

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