Matt: The TeamMature

Matt pulled up outside the warehouse on his motorbike. He had a machete strapped to his back, and two Glock pistols holstered in his belt. He removed his helmet, parked the bike against the wall and made his way over. A door stood open, presumably for him and the team to enter through.

Six others were already waiting inside, each standing apart from the others, each eyeing the rest, taking their measure. Six pairs of eyes turned towards him, evaluating the new arrival. Matt cast his own eyes about, sizing up his new team. He did a double-take. Standing directly opposite him was Kaine Petersburg; the man that had taken his left eye. He gritted his teeth; they expected him to work with the man that had given him the beastly scar on the left side of his face did they?

They all looked to the shadows at the sound of a low cough. Agent Simmons stepped from the darkness.

“You all know why you are here. We need you on a team to do a job for us”.

“What sorta job?” One of the others asked.

“We believe that a man in Government; Marco Flemms, along with several associates; including some CIA members are conspiring and are involved in a number of illegal activities; such as the trafficking of drugs, arms, humans, the murder and assassination of innocent people, and terrorism. There is a danger that they might attempt to take the lives of World leaders. We need you to investigate, and stop these criminals. Mr. Geller will lead the team due to the fact that he has the most experience. It is up to him how you handle things. You will each receive a payment of $250000 upon accepting this job, and a further payment of $250000 upon completion. We cannot handle it because as I have already said, we believe members of the CIA are involved. If we were to attempt anything, our lives, the lives of our loved ones and so much more would be in grave peril. If you accept this job, we will only be able to offer you minimal assistance. You will be operating outside the confines of the law, but you will be susceptible to arrest and jailing should you be caught”.

“I accept” Matt said. The others began to follow suit, each voicing their acceptance of the job. Agent Simmons nodded. He took out a handful of envelopes and passed one to each member of the team. Matt quickly opened his, revealing a cheque for $250000.

“Your country is counting on you”. Agent Simmons bowed, and left. A lengthy silence followed, each person waiting for another to speak. They stared at each other, judging. Matt noticed one of the others, a woman with thick black hair in ringlets staring at another whose hair was died red; and there appeared to be hatred behind that stare.

“So, you are the boss huh?” Kaine asked Matt.

“Apparently. I will not try to take total dominance though, that is not how I do things. We will all work as equals. I only ask that no one tries to go it alone and take on this whole job. I ask that we work together. I will respect you, so long as you respect me”.

“I like your style, Mr. Geller. I am Valerie, Valerie Hamilton”. The girl with the hateful stare had turned her eyes to Matt, the hate gone, replaced with something else.

“Call me Matt, Valerie”. The rest of the group respectively gave their names. They set to talking about the case.

The End

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