John CarringtonMature

I carefully re-assembled my Colt M1911 and loaded it.  A sudden knock at the door drew my attention.  I lived in the middle of no where, my nearest neighbor being a few miles away.  I slipped the pistol in the waistband of my pants before walking to the door.  Seeing a man in a black suit, I opened the door.

"Just turn around and leave mister.  I ain't buying whatever you're selling," I said.

"Mr. Carrington, I am Agent Jeremy Simmons of the CIA.  We have discovered that the terrorists who killed your team were tipped off to their location by a mole in our government.  We have also discovered that this mole is one of many involved in a serious terror plot.  Your skill set would be useful to foil this plot.  Will you help us?" replied the man.

I scratched my chin before saying, "Just give me his name and I'll take care of it."

Agent Simmons shook his head and said, "It doesn't work like that.  You'll be a member of a team who will take down this group.  You'll get your revenge, but it has to be handled carefully.  We don't know how many agents have been turned.  If you don't want to cooperate, someone just might find out about your hidden stash of explosives.  C4, grenades, rocket launchers, all very illegal for a civilian to possess."

"Fine, I'll join your team," I said.

Agent Simmons smiled, then said, "Excellent, be at this address on Friday."

The End

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