Sapphire: Dad would be proudMature

I heard my alarm go off. Shaking off sleep, I looked over at the clock. 6:30.

"Crap!" I yelled, and shot out of bed. I took a very quick shower and threw on some clothes. My first class was at 7, and I was nevr late. Ever.

As I scooped my books into my bag, I heard a knock on my door.

"Sarah, can you get that?" I called to my roommate, then remembered she had classes earlier than me.

"Shoot." I whispered under my breath, then grabbed the rest of my supplies and put my bag over my shoulder.

"Coming!" I called. I ran to the door and slid my shoes on, opening the door on the process.

"Miss Flame?" I heard a deep male voice say. It startled me. I looked up and froze. A man in a black suit stood before me, and he looked important.

"Come in." I said automatically, opening thr door wider. "Sorry about the mess. Clean up's this afternoon."

The man nodded and came in. "Miss Flame, my name is Jeremy Simmons

The End

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