Kaine: Unexpected VisitMature

The sun just about came up, and I was in the streets waiting for my target. I was told to wait for him in this position, and i had to wait for a black car. All the information they gave me was 'Black car, DA56 FZC, 4 people, target is the man in the side front seat.'

I waited a good hour and a half until i saw the car i was looking for, registration DA56 FZC. The passenger got out, he was unarmed. The two in the back seats however, were not. They got out and they looked armed to the teeth with body armor and automatic rifles, piece of cake.

I followed him from a safe distance at first, to avoid any suspicion. He walked into a back alley, which then was my time to strike. I started to run after them, it didn't take long before they heard me. I got two throwing knives out of my pocket and threw them both at once, one killed a guy but the other dodged it. He started shooting so i slid across the floor and shot him with my Uzi. He was barely breathing so i put him out of his misery, and focused on my target.

He was a coward, just in a corner, hands over his head. He pleaded for his life, but I didn't care. I slit his throat and threw his body into a dumpster, along with the knife I killed him with. I called the contact and told him where the dumpster was and to dispose of the evidence.

I was normally on the move, I did too many jobs to stay in one place. I was just getting ready to leave my apartment until someone knocked on the door.

It put me on edge, I got a knife ready and opened the door. A man in a black suit was just stood there, looking important.

"What?" I said trying to sound as nice as possible

"Your a hard man to find Kaine" he replied with a grin

"What do you want?"

"Don't worry, I'm not here to arrest you"

"Come in then"

"Kaine,my name is Jeremy Simmons and I work with the CIA, we've been watching you. We are forming a team of professionals to do a 'job' outside the law. We want you on that team. If you are interested, be at this location at Friday night" He handed me a slip of paper with an address scribbled on it.

"Ill be there"

The End

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