From time to time you may feel your not good enough for someone in your life. You feel you want to change things that have been said. You want to stop fighting with the ones that are most special to you and you feel stuck in the middle of feuds between other friends.

There are places for you to escape. Allowing you to think but you feel your thinking could go on for days,and you feel you need to be left alone. You get depressed and realise that the person you care about most is making your life difficult. Her and other people come up to you,start pushing you around. You don't like it and even though you have tears in your eyes you soldier on. You shrug it off,pretend there is nothing wrong. Lie to your parent,teachers and everyone around you because you think it's a silly thing to complain about. But one phrase gets put to the front of your mind "Am I being bullied?" You think nothing of it and push it to the back of your mind. But you get bruised on the inside,you get verbally abused.People calling you names,laughing at you or what your wearing. You get paranoid and don't want to leave your house. You freak out whenever anyone looks at you. So you become the hider behind the hair. The girl that doesn't talk and your wondering right now how you got to this point so fast ...


You can change this before it even happens. Think before you say something and think before you get involved in arguments with friends. Don't be the fool to take sides. Don't be the fool to wish you were a better person because you already are. You don't need to change for other people. Don't feel upset if someone laughs at your clothes or hair. Laugh at them because they are too blinded by judgement than to take a look at themselves. Idiots are idiots and you are not one.Even though I may not have met you and your probably reading this right now saying "She's crazy"

But the fact is I'm not. It's simple not to be understood and hard to understand but there is always going to be at least one person in your life you can talk to about situations and problems. So go out into the world and show the world who you are!

Because you can't hide forever 

The End

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