Kimmi meets Suki-Mae

The new girl, Suki-Mae, bolted round the corner. I waved at her, trying to smile nicely.

But it's hard to have a nice smile when you haven't had a shower in a week and a half. More to the point, my hair felt like it had little creatures living in it!!

Nikk stood a little way behind me, a bit wary of the new-comer.

'She could be a spy.' He muttered out loud so the new kid wouldn't hear.

'Ah, she was telepathic powers, what more proof do you need?!' I hissed back. Suki approached us carefully, putting one foot in front of the other.

'Hi. Where am I?' She whispered.

Speak in you head, it's all good. I thought.

'Oh! Yeah... I kinda, sorta... forgot...'She giggled.

Is this how you do it?


Don't tell her our secrets, Kimmi! I'm sure she's a spy!

Uhh. . . Nikk. . . she can hear you y'know!

Umm. I'm sorry.

Don't apologise, Nikk is just being an idiot.

Am not!

Shut up for second! Crap! I hear foot steps.

'He must have followed me!' Suki-Mae said in a horrified whisper.

Nikk cursed, grabbed my arm and pulled me away. I just managed to catch hold of the new kid. Nikk had been like this for a while now. He was acting like a protective big brother.

Don't mention it!

Stop peering into my head!

Can't help it when you think so openly. I think I'm the only one here who can keep their thoughts consealed!

Guy's. . . guys! He. . .he... he's in front of you!!

I lookd up and the stalker, kidnapper dude was there, right in front of Nikk. He raised mis newly-pollished knife.

'NO!!!' I screamed and pushed the frozen Nikk to the floor. The knife scraped my arm, cutting me. I looked at the deep cut and I felt a twang of pain.

Tears sprang to my eyes and I failed to realise that the knife was coming for me and Nikk again.

Suki-Mae dashed forward and kicked the knife away. I looked at her in awe... she was so brave! She aimed her leg again and flicked it forward, throwing the guy backwards.

'Now is NO time to be crying! RUN!' She yelled. Grabbing my arm just like Nikk had, I snatched a shocked-Nikk up of the floor and we ran for it...

The End

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