Suki-Mae: Heard and Not Seen?

Lying on a grotty mattress, Suki-Mae suddenly awoke, feeling the dead cockroaches and something sticky beneath her fingers. As her eyes ajusted to the pitch black, she wondered where the heck she was. She looked down and saw blood. Sticky, gloopy blood. It was everywhere, on the walls, the floor, even her mattress!

Walking around, she noticed that there were two corridors leading off to some place or other. Then she heard footsteps, and a man came into veiw holding a knife in one hand, and and axe in the other. Suddenly she twigged. The blood was human and he was the killer.

"Crap." Suki muttered, and literally ran for her life. He sprinted after her for what felt like a mile or so, and then outran him.

"Man, I'm so glad I'm sporty and fast!" she thought,

"What? Who's sporty and fast?" a voice answered. Suki-Mae span round, but there was no-one in her sight.

"Me. Who are you??" She thought, "I'll see if there's an answer this time, if there is, I'm going mad."

" I'm Kimmi. Kimmi Ross. And you're not going mad, but we all have a telepathic bond."

"Telepathic bond? Wow. Wait, wait... all of us?? How many is there?" She thought, then realised how weird this was.

"There's only three of us, and I know, it is weird. Where are you? We might be able to find you??" Kimmi answered. Suki then knew that she'd been absent-midedly walking, and that Kimmi didn't even know her name.

"Uhh, I'm at a fork, and there's some drawings on the wall - a man with a knife and - oh! - a dead person with a pool of blood next to it! And, by the way, I'm Suki-Mae."

"Okay Suki, can I call you that? You need to take the left hand fork, now keep walking.... when you come to a three way, take the middle, the an immediate right. Oh, Hiya!" Kimmi directed her. She waved and Suki waved back. At least there were three of them now, and she wasn't alone.

At least, she wasn't alone yet.

The End

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