Kimmi: Voices.

Nikk grabbed my wrist and pulled me along after him. He was walking really fast, so I kept on stumbling and he kept on throwing me annoyed looks.

I wish she'd stop tripping up!!

'I can't help it, dammit!!' I hissed.

'Can't help what?'

'Tripping up, you walk to damn fast!!'

Not that I blame him, I mean, we mignt need to go into a full-pelt sprint at any time if the creepy kidnapper shows up again...

'That was my plan in the first place!' He snapped, 'and please don't talk like I'm not here!'

'Eh? I didn't say anything!' I protested.

'Umph! If you insist on acting like a kid, I don't care.'

'I didn't though! All I said was that you walk fast!!' I protested.

'But, I swear you just said that.... never mind.'


Weird. She must be lying about that.

'I'm SO not!' I pouted.

'Not what?' He asked, pah! As if he didn't know! He'd just said it!

'Lying! You just said that.'I told him, I was getting a little angry now. I wrenched my arm from his grip and stopped with my arms folded, 'I decied I don't like you very much, and I also realised that your my only hope of getting out of this wretched place. So from now on, can we please not talk because your really starting to get on my nerves.'

'I haven't said anything to annoy you, Kimmi!' He said in a angry tone, 'but if you don't want to talk to me, then fine!!'

This time he set off ahead of me, so I had to walk beside him. We didn't look at eachother or talk to one another. He really is a idiot boy. His looks are all a cover 'cause he's just a big jerk underneath.

'What was that?!'He shouted.

'What was what?' I asked, I was genuinlly confused.

'You just called me a 'big jerk'!!' He burst out. His face was red with anger and his fists were clenched, 'look, we only just met. So you have no right to judge me, 'kay?! In fact, I think I was better off without baggage like you!'

I felt my eyes sting and I swallowed back to lump in my throat, but a few tears still managed to escape my eyes, 'Nikk, why are you suddenly saying that? I didn't say anything outloud.' I choked.

'Outloud?' He echoed.

'I only thought that about you because you were being an idiot saying I said things when I hadn't, then calling me a liar.' I wept, 'I don't like being falsly accused...'

'You mean, you didn't say anything... but you thought it?' He asked carefully.


'Then I'm looking into your head? And your looking into mine?'

'Dunno... WHAT?!'I yelled, suddenly registering what he had just said.

'I think I'm right, try and see what I'm thinking!' He paused then said, 'If you can hear this, crouch down then clap your hands!!'

I crouched down then clapped my hands, 'happy? making a fool outta me like that??'

'You mean you heard that?!' He gasped.

'Hmm.' Jesus, he just said it!

No, I thought it!! We can read eachothers mind!! If there are any other kids in here I wonder if they have the same gift. . .

'Pfft. There are no other kids in here but us, Nikk. We would've found them by now.'

'No, this place is huge. Very very big. Kimmi, from now on, we should talk in our heads because if we speak out loud any more, he'll hear us!!'


Great, now follow me, I've created a hide-out in a hole I found.

OK, but talking like this is creeping me out.

Get over it, squirt.


The End

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