Kimmi meets Nikk

I was panting, sweating and every nerve in my body was telling me to give up.

My head snapped up as I heard foot-steps. My heart started pounted and my dried out eyes became wet again. I stood up straight, it would just make my situation worse if I ran anymore. the guy who was following me is trying to wear me out, I'm quite sure of it.

I braced myself and held up my fists. But my shoulders sagged and my breath whooshed out of me when I saw that it was a boy coming round the corner. He was panting and sweat(much like me).

'Ah! Please! Please help me!' I cried out to him, his head snapped up and his body relaxed when he saw it was just me, a random girl.

'Who are you? How did  you get here?' He demanded, walking up to me. He was moody, and I couldn't deal with a moody person at the moment.

So I did what I had to: I cried.

'Kimmi, I'm... hic ... Kimmi. I just woke... hic ... and this guy came up and ... hic --'

'Stop crying, dammit! That wont solve nothin'!' He hissed, but his eyes were calm, 'now, Kimmi, did you come alone?'

'Yeah... hic ... I was alone. But then I saw all that red stuff and that guy...' I broke off and started to cry again. He sighed then tensed up.

'Now, Kimmi, Hi I'm Nikk. Do you trust me?' He asked.

I nodded like a trusting toddler.

'Good, because I'm gonna need you to do everything I tell you to, 'kay?'

'Uh-huh. Sure.'

'Okay, that man who followed you is going to come for us again. And he's strong, really strong. When I tell you to run, run. When I tell you to fight, fight and now, listen up: When I say 'Run away and don't look back' you must do it.' He whispered.

I nodded. I had to trust this boy, he was my only hope, right?

'Uhh, Nikk? Were you kiddnapped too?' I asked carefully.

'I was kiddnapped three months ago. All my comrades died and I need to get out of here very soon or he'll kill me too.' He said, he looked at his toes.

'Ah. I'm sorry. But now I'm here and I'm trained in self-defence! I'll protect you, Nikk!' I exclaimed.

He laughed softly, 'and I'm trained in Karate and I'm still not stong enough to take him on...'

'Crap. Sucks to be us!' I said in a cold voice, even though that phrace was said at the totally wrong place, at the totally wrong time, it seemed OK to say it.

Because it was the plain, harsh truth.

The End

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