~Hide and Seek~

this story follows a group of kids who are trapped in a under ground estate by a sneaky killer. The killer intends to pick them off one by one, but they find it's note so easy when the kids end up having a telepathic bond when they wake up. And as the killer tries to stike, the kids will have to team up and escape.

All I can remeber is having a knockout punch to the head.

I blinked and squinted, it was very dark. There wasn't a window in my limited vision. I stood up, brushing myself off. I felt a little queasy but I'd just have to get over it and find a light switch.

My eyes still hadn't adgusted to the dark, so all I could do was press my hand to the wall and pat around. I had to walk around a bit before I came accross a bump with a lump on top of it, I snapped it and some dim bar-lights turned on.

Some were flickering, so it was a bit hard to see, but still better than total darkness.

I rubbed my eyes and had a good look around. To my dismay, there was red everywhere. Splattered against the wall, spilled out on the floor and spots of it were on the celing.

I felt tears well up and I started to cry, I thought I was strong minded and I thought I was able to handle situations. But seeing so much red in a unknown place made my hands shake and stomach flutter.

'Please be paint! Please be paint!' I wept, I slid to the floor, my chest was filled up with hacking sobs and my mind was making me see shadows against the walls that looked like people.

'No! Someone, please! Someone!' I choked.

'I'm here, I can help.' Said a man who had just come round the corner. He was real. I was just about to run up and tell him about the red stuff when I saw he was covered in it. His clothes were stained with it.

'Crap! No! Stay away! Don't! Please! I don't wanna die!' I shreiked, I picked my heavy legs up and sprinted as fast as I could round the corner, I ran and ran even when my muscles felt like they were about to rip.

After about ten minutes, I stopped and leaned up against a wall. It was like a maze in here. Was it the sewers? No, it was too clean... It was like one of the underground tunnels I'd seen in a movie once.

The lights were flickering, the walls were covered in what I think is blood and I'm stuck here, crying, with no clue what to do...



The End

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