James: Flip of the switchMature

It did not take long at all for Zoe to fulfil her 'threat'. She didn't do anything personally though. She had every single boy in this school wrapped around her little finger and this was the advantage for her. This is what she used.

It was lunch break and I had just passed the main building to head over to the only sanctuary in the school: the fields just beyond the bustling school environment. I liked to come here sometimes just to think. Because of my impulsive nature, thinking deeply was a rarity for me. I always acted, then thought about the consequences afterwards. But look where that had gotten me with Amelia...


I turned round, expecting exactly what I was greeted with. Three teenage boys all strolling towards me. It was so unbelievably cliche. I did not feel any fear, any apprehension, only severe annoyance at the immature way in which Zoe was deciding to handle this. 

'Can I help you?' I asked politely.

'Yeah actually you can,' the dark-haired one spoke. Obviously the leader. They formed a loose circle around me. 'Zoe tells me you weren't nice to her at the party. And you see, we don't like guys who push girls around like that.'

'Oh,' I nodded. 'Thought as much.'

'So we told her we'd teach you a little lesson.' He actually punched his fist into his hand. This was laughable. 

'Did you now?' I took a step closer to him; he obviously wasn't expecting it. 'Listen to me Harry. I wouldn't do that if I were you. You don't know the first thing about me, and if you value your life I would turn round and go back the way you came.'

'Is that a death threat?' he laughed in disbelief. He shoved me into the shoulder, causing me to stumble back a few steps. 'Let's see how tough you are then Ashdown.' 

So I punched him.

He wasn't expecting it at all, letting out a groan as he fell backwards clutching his mouth. His eyes burned in anger and he lunged towards me, a small trickle of blood running from his nose. His friends grabbed me from the side, one at either arm, to hold me in place. Harry actually managed to get a clean punch in straight to my stomach. I doubled over, the wind having been knocked from me. This gave him great satisfaction as he laughed and went in for another strike.

I didn't let him this time though, I tore easily out his friends grips and grabbed Harry by the shoulders. I didn't restrain myself this time either. Anger, humiliation and pain fueled the hunger that constantly raged within me and I let it flow. 

I had read something briefly in the newspaper not too long ago, an article about the five psychic teenagers who had stepped into the spotlight of the media to reveal their powers. There was a person, similar to me, Gabriel Wolfe. He had explained his 'problem', his 'hunger' and how he had to control it. Controlling it had seemed like an absurd idea to me, the hunger had been a part of me for so long now that I often didn't give it a second thought. I wasn't a murderer; Amelia was the only person I had unintentionally killed but my power meant that I had to sustain off the life energy of others. One extreme advantage that I had was mind control. It only worked when I was fully energized, and would drain me after I used it and I had to concentrate really hard for it to take effect. But this meant that after partially taking life energy from several different people, I was able to erase their memory of it ever having happened.

But right now, I was so angry I didn't even think of the consequences. Hence, my impulsive nature. By the time I was done, Harry was passed out on the floor and I had earned myself a small crowd. 

I let him go, staggered back and exhaled slowly. 'Shit.'

* * * *

'You know what this means, don't you Mr Ashdown?' The principle speculated me with a steely gaze. Melanie was stood by his side, looking at me sympathetically. 

'I'm expelled.'

'Not exactly,' Melanie said. 'You might have just nearly killed a student, but it wasn't your fault. You need to come to the institution James.'

'No.' I shook my head. 'I've made my mind up about that and I'm not going.'

'Well it's either that or jail,' the principle shrugged. I froze, staring at him. 'James, you just nearly killed a student...' He repeated Melanie's words more seriously. 'You need help. You need to learn to control it. If not, I'm afraid I'll be forced to take matters into my own hands. You may have erased Harry's mind, which might I add is a total violation of human rights and free will, but that doesn't mean I can't press charges.'

'You wouldn't.' I said through gritted teeth. 

'Not if you co-operate. You're going to the institution James, or jail. Take your pick.'

I threw myself out of my chair, fuming. 

'Great. We'll send a letter out tonight.' He called after me. 

* * * *

The letter came that very same night right through the letterbox. Elizabeth Talbot, the only other relative I had, had stood reading it in silence in the kitchen. Her hands were trembling as she read the added note about my 'assault' on Harry. 

'You did what?' She threw the letter down on the kitchen counter. 'Imagine what your parents would think.'

I flinched unintentionally. 'What do they care?'

She sighed. 'They'd want you to do better than this. Getting into fights James isn't acceptable. Especially with your track record.'

Trying to explain that it was Harry's fault in the first place was useless. 

'You're going to the institution James. It's the best thing for all of us.' She walked out of the kitchen, her words lingering far behind. 

Right then I felt like the most hopeless, lost cause in the entire world.

The End

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