James: House PartyMature

I watched Diana's retreating figure, anger and indignation boiling within me. No one in my entire life had ever stood up to me like she had just done and I wasn't entirely sure how to deal with it. Part of me wanted to go after her, make her realize what a huge mistake she had just made. But then the other part of me, the part I seemed to listen to more, told me just get out of there before I did something stupid.

I straightened my jacket slightly and headed off in the opposite direction. This is entirely why I didn't bother with people. Every single human being I had encountered in my life had broken promises, let me down or just given up on me entirely. It appeared that Diana had done the latter. To Hell with them. To Hell with them all. I wouldn't go to the institute. I didn't need to, my powers were perfectly under control. Why did I need to alienate myself more than I already had?

Zoe caught up with me as I rounded the corner. I realized she had been calling my name. 'James!'


She flinched a bit at my aggressive tone and I forced myself to apologize. 'Bad day. You know how it is. Didn't mean to take it out on you.'

She flicked her dyed blonde hair over her shoulder with an air of indifference, like she couldn't care whether or not I was angry with her. 'Whatever. I was just going to ask if you wanted to come round my house tonight? I'm having a little get together.'

'A house party?' The words sounded weird coming out of my mouth.

'Something like that,' she narrowed her eyes, smiling. 

I automatically accepted, knowing that if I didn't go her friends would probably shun me and whilst this idea did seem tempting, it also meant I would be forced to spend more time with Diana. Something that I did not wish to do.

* * * *

It was gone ten at night and the 'party' was in full swing. I had never been to a party before in my life and so it was all very new and strange to me. Girls pretending to be drunk were dancing in short dresses, holding bottles of alcohol in the air. The guys seemed to be taking advantage of the situation, leading girls out of the main living room and off somewhere 'more private',  I assumed. I surveyed the scene in disgust, with impassive features. 

'There you are!' Zoe stumbled over to me. 'How long have you been here?'

'About five minutes?' Five minutes too long. 

'I haven't seen you. Oh well. Wanna dance?'

'I'm not much of a dancer.' Why was I even here? What did I care if her friends shunned me? I didn't have to spend time with anyone. I was suddenly very sick of pretending to like these people, and it didn't help that the haunting hunger had been inching it's way back into my mind over the past few days. It seemed more prominent tonight though, and I was getting ready to make my excuses and leave when Zoe grabbed my hand.

I instantly pulled it out of her grasp. 'What are you doing?'

She looked confused. 'It's too loud here. Let's go somewhere more private.'

I almost laughed at how pathetic this whole thing was. 'What's wrong with here?'

'You know what?' she turned to face me with her hands on her hips. 'I don't get you. You're so cold. I've tried to be nice to you and you constantly shut me out.'

'No Zoe you haven't tried to be nice to me, you've tried hitting on me several times, there's a difference between being nice and attempting to flirt.'

She looked taken aback. 'Don't get on the wrong side of me James, I'm a powerful enemy.'

I scoffed. 'You're powerful in high school, among other pathetic students too meek to stand up to you. You're not powerful in the real world. You're the type of girl to live off daddy's money, and that's probably the way it's going to say for the rest of your life. You know nothing of the world, and you're never going to.'

She narrowed her eyes and took a step towards me. 'You're a freak, James Ashdown. And I will destroy you. Just like that,' she clicked her fingers. 'I may be powerful in high school, but that's exactly the way I need it. To squash bugs like you.'

I found it was pointless arguing with her, she was incredibly drunk and about as eloquent as a sloth.

'Bye Zoe. I would say it has been nice knowing you, but I'm not a liar.' I turned to leave.

'Don't think this is over!' She yelled after me, losing just about every shred of dignity she had left.

The End

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