James: High SchoolMature

This girl who I had known for less than twenty four hours was perhaps the most persistent, stubborn person I had ever met.

She was a psychic like me, that was obvious as soon as I had entered the room but her aura was distinctively different from others that I had encountered. There was a shimmering golden-white light that followed her wherever she went, seeming to emanate warmth and kindness. It was unique, I had never met a person with an aura so pure as hers before, but it was also slightly frustrating. I was used to being hurt, constantly let down and betrayed that the walls I had built inside my mind seemed like a permanent fixture. A small part of me wanted to talk to Diana. But it was like I didn't know how.

So I settled for hostility, a feeling I was only too comfortable with.

Our last lesson, Sports, required us to wear a uniform I didn't have so I ended up sitting it out. It was volleyball, and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. Everyone apart from Diana. After a while, I understood what was going on. Everytime the ball came near her, one of her team mates would get in the way, pushing Diana aside. The opposing team seemed to take advantage of this. I heard sighs of frustration and comments of annoyance each time Diana didn't move fast enough. It was like they enjoyed taunting her. 

I watched with impassive features until the bell rang.

By the time the end of the school day had come, I had found myself annoyingly curious of Diana. There was something about her which intrigued me slightly. Whether it was her almost soothing naivity, her warm hearted nature or her mysterious psychic abilities I wasn't sure. I felt like I understood her a little though. I understood that the other students were wary of her, they sensed she was different in ways they couldn't explain, a feeling I was only too familiar with.

After the final bell had rung, I packed up my books and started to head for the car park. A voice from behind stopped me though. 

To my surprise, it wasn't Diana.

'You're the new guy, aren't you?'

The girl facing me was exceptionally pretty, there was no doubt about that. But she was a stark contrast to Diana. Whereas she was all soft, delicate features and large brown eyes, this girl was icy and blonde. She was perhaps only 5 foot 5, barely reaching my shoulder, but her confidence made up for this. Her eyes, the colour of emeralds caught in artificial lighting, were fixed on me with a look of cool prevail. Like she knew what she wanted and she was going to get it. White blonde hair cut across her forehead stylishly, stopping just short of her shoulders. 

 'Yeah. James.'

'Hi James. I'm Zoe.' The name seemed to suit her. 

'Hello.' I racked my brain for something to say. 'Did you want something?'

'This is going to sound silly,' she laughed slightly. 'But I noticed you've made friends with Diana?'

'Not as such, no.'

'Oh,' she paused. 'Well I suppose that's good.'

'Why?' I raised an eyebrow. 

'You seem like a nice guy, perhaps a little...unusual.' 

I frowned at her choice of words. 

'But,' she continued. 'I want to give you a heads up. Sticking with Diana isn't going to help your, well, popularity.'

Popularity? Like I cared about popularity. I felt an sudden urge to laugh at the ridiculous rules of the high school hierarchy and how cliche it was. This girl obviously thought herself top of the chain, and anyone she spoke to must consider it a great honour that she would give them the time of day. Did that mean that I was going to be blessed with that chance? Like I gave a damn. This is why I didn't interact with people much, they were all so shallow, so self absorbed.

'Stay with me and you'll be fine,' she winked. 

Something moved in the corner of the room, my eyes flickered past Zoe's form and found Diana staring at both of us. She quickly looked down when she caught my gaze, packing things into her bag. I hadn't missed the expression though. She looked hurt.

The word that fell from my lips next was not the one I had intended to speak: 'Alright.'

The End

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