Hidden DepthsMature

A collab between me and Tianna. Based on Dark Visions by LJ Smith.

It was precisely six fifteen at night when the story aired for the first time.

It found itself to be breaking news, which of course sparked the interest of every citizen in San Carlos, California at the time. Gradually though, it began to spread and people in towns and cities nearby heard of the 'Psychic Accident' as it would come to be known as. Over time people had come to accept the idea of psychic abilities. They believed the story of powerful, eminent Mr Zetes leading an institute for his own evil actions to be carried out. His twisted ideas for a psychic army backfired, resulting in his controversial death.

‘Five teenagers found themselves on the run for survival after a study at the famous Zetes Institute went horribly wrong. The leader of this experiment, well-known Emmanuel Zetes was killed in what is possibly the most astounding story this small Californian town has ever seen. The teenagers, who cannot be named due to privacy reasons, were described as “exceptionally brave” by the CEO of Psychic Organisations, Faris Hatherway.

“Five teenagers, no older than seventeen, put their trust in a man who wanted to exploit their skills and talents, even if it resulted in death,” he says. “To fight back to an incredibly powerful man like Emmanuel requires a certain sense of bravery, teamwork and pure guts. They are heroes to us all. Who knows what could have happened if the Zetes Institute had continued?”’ 

It didn’t matter in the end about security reasons as the teenagers each decided that enough was enough, and they stepped into the public eye. Kaitlyn Fairchild was the first, followed by Gabriel Wolfe. Sometime later, perhaps about a month or so, Rob Kessler and Ana Whiteraven revealed themselves, followed by a reluctant Lewis Chao. These five teenagers were renowned for not only their incredibly bravery and determination, but also their psychic powers. Now that it had come to light that they were in fact “gifted”, they were being paid for all kinds of research from professional scientists and keen enthusiasts in the occult.

Kaitlyn and Gabriel were the only ones to refuse such offers, instead choosing to branch out in a completely new direction. They wanted to create an Institute of their own to help others struggling to control their ‘talents.’ A place that people could call their home. 

The End

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