Chapter Fifteen

Violet stood at the ashes.

Night had long since fallen, but she could still she the ash clear as day. The survivors had long since gone to safety.

“Violet,” the deep baritone of her brother’s voice did nothing to hold her attention. “We have to go.”

Violet’s purple eyes flickered to her brother’s. Daemon’s unnatural green eyes were dull. His skin was paler than usual and a gash was bleeding from his upper arm. He looked tired.

“I know. But I thought…” she stopped, unsure of herself.

Daemon wrapped his arm around her thin shoulders. “You thought that this could be our new home. A chance to start again. Pick up where we left off the night I left you to save you.”

 Violet nodded. Daemon always knew what she was thinking. Even as she stared at the ruins of the Tree Top Hideaway, it was obvious that Daemon was on the same page as her because that was who he was. He didn’t beat around the bush or jump to conclusions. He was right where he needed to be.

“Guys, we got company.” Behind Violet, Blake choked voice cut through the silent night like a razor.

Turning, Daemon and Violet watched the flicker of orange light in the distance. Coming closer and closer. “Patrols. Must be coming back to make sure there are no survivors.”

Violet glanced at Blake. The older boy was standing stiffly. The wind, gently brushing his hair into his eyes. For some reason, she seemed entranced by the way Blake’s blue eyes shone in the moonlight.


Violet shook her head, snapping out of her ogling and looked at Daemon who was picking his way through the rubble with antagonizing skill. Blake smiled wirily as he passed her to follow in Daemon’s path, flashing a row of perfect white teeth.

Glancing back at the flickering torch light for a moment, Violet took a deep breath before beginning to climb through the rubble after Daemon and Blake. 

They had a long days travel ahead and as they walked, side by side, Violet’s thought wondered to Lucy and Hope. What had happened to the Princess that seemed to fumble with words around Daemon? And the little girl who clung to Blake’s leg just hours before?

What Truly Had Happened?

The End

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