Chapter Fourteen

When Lucy heard the scream she immediately thought Emma.  She ran out of the house, but was immediately swarmed by arrows.  She  ducked, then flipped towards the sounds.  She knew that she had to save this little girl. 

When she arrived on the platform she found it chaotic.  Daemon was standing behind a row of archers, telling them when to fire.  Violet was running down the ladder, with a group of boys following her into the midst of the enemy.  Then there was a boy, about Lucy's age, covering a six year old girl.  Lucy dived behind the girl, barely missed getting hit, and grabbed her around the waist. 

The little girl yelped, and the boy whipped around.  "NO!" he cried, but Lucy was already running away with the little girl, who was almost half the size she was. 

She carried the girl to her house, and quickly grabbed everything that she needed.  "Scissors, rope..." she muttered as she grabbed each thing. "apples, peaches..."  when she had a bag full of stuff she picked the little girl back up and left the house again, this time through the back door. 

She quickly climbed down the ladder, one handed, and landed cat-like on the ground.  She prowled through the campground, being  careful not to be seen.  The girl, though Lucy could feel her shaking, didn't say a word.  It never came to her that the girl thought that she was being abducted. 


When they were quite a ways into the forest Lucy finally stopped, and set the little girl down.  The first thing she asked her was her name.  The girl shook her head, and covered her mouth, refusing to speak. 

"How old are you?"  Lucy inquired.  The girl shook her head again.  Lucy rolled her eyes.  "Then I'm going to call you Emma.  That's my sisters name." 

Again the girl shook her head, but this time she uncovered her mouth and said, "Hope. I'm six."  she held up six fingers.  Lucy smiled.

"I'm your friend, I'm going to help you."  Lucy said.  Hope turned away, hiding a smile. Then Lucy took her hand, and they began to walk away.  She knew that she needed to keep this girl safe, and she would return to the camp later that night.

The End

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