Chapter Eleven

Violet leaned against the doorframe as her brother fell onto the couch and placed his feet onto the coffee table.

He smirked before saying: "That was a dirty trick sis." his voice held the arrogant amusement it always did during his conversations with his sister.

Almost like he couldn't believe Violet was actually outwitting him.

Violet shrugged. "Like you never pulled that on me. You have the worst personality" she said flatly, meeting her brother's laughing gaze.

Daemon stood. He walked right up the Violet, his warm breath fanning her face. "I wouldn't say that, some find it quite charming."

Violet tried hard not to gag. Daemon chuckled and breezed past her, stopping just past her shoulder, smirking.

"I have missed your antics, dear Violet. But hanging with a royal is one of your poorer choices in life."


Daemon had a sort of rock star entrance into the kitchen, with that deadly swagger of his. Of course, it didn't help when he reached up to the cupboard to grab a glass, causing his short to rise up slightly revealing a thin line of perfectly tanned skin - that immediately had Lucy blushing a deep crimson red.

Violet rolled her eyes, plopping down on the stool by the island counter and plucking a cherry from the bowl, eyeing her brother with contempt as his eyes flickered to Lucy.

They weren't shining with anger or nervousness at Lucy's wondering eyes - but something else. Lucy cleared her throat, uncomfortably shifting from foot to foot. Daemon raised a dark, mocking eyebrow.

"Do you need something Kitten?" he asked. Lucy almost tripped over herself, walking over to Violet.

"Don't ever call me that." she snapped "douchebag."

Daemon laughed, a deep husky sound. "douchebag? Now that's not very lady-like Kitty-cat."

Lucy narrowed her eyes. "you're right, douchebag is far to nice a word." she said "you're a dickhead."

Daemon laughed again and Lucy flipped him off. Violet almost choked on a cherry.

Daemon just smirked. "I'm sure you have a wide variety of words and gestures for me, but not interested."

They continued to bicker like an old married couple. Violet sighed when she saw his eyes were dancing with laughter, the kind that said "I've got you wrapped around my little finger."

Without thinking, Violet grabbed Lucy's wrist and yanked her out of the house, slamming the door behind them, but not before Daemon yelled "See you later, Kitten! Have fun!"

Lucy growled in annoyance. "I'm going to kill him." she muttered.

The End

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