Chapter Ten

Lucy was furious with Violet for taking me to see Daemon, especially because she knew how he would do everything.  Obviously she wanted to set them up, the problem was... Lucy was okay with that.

When Daemon answered the door Lucy saw that he obviously didn't care about manners, but his tan, ripped chest drew her gaze like a fire.  Pretty soon she was blushing.  He was very rude, and it seemed that he didn't know that she was a princess, not that she wanted him to know... After she and Violet barged into his house and sat down on the couch did she realize he knew who she was.

Daemon slammed the door, then picked up a shirt off the floor and put it on.  "Can I help you?"  he said again, "Or do princesses find it lower than themselves to talk to outlaws like me?"  Lucy stared at him, wide eyed.  "Cause I want you to know," he continued, "That in these parts, nobody cares if you are royalty.  In these parts, I rule, and you better respect that."  Lucy sighed in awe, she couldn't help herself.  This guy's got... spunk, she thought.  Then, and he's so handsome...

Daemon noticed that Lucy was staring off into lala land and said, "Excuse me? If you're going to waste my time, get out."  then he walked out of the room.  Violet followed, but Lucy didn't know what to do.  She stood to follow, then thought better of it, and stood in the middle of the room, waiting.

The End

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