Chapter Nine

Violet smiled to herself as she led Lucy across the rickety wooden bridge that connected the stunning tree top houses together. She knew what a jerk her brother, Daemon, could be – especially to royalty – but Lucy needed to discover that by herself. After all, out here where the outlaws rule, Violet and Daemon are royalty.

The biggest house was by the outskirts of the small camp. It was large and beautiful, with dark flowers and vines crawling up its walls and thatch roof.

“Why are we here?” asked Lucy, puzzlement shining in her eyes.

Violet flashed an amused smile. “I think you should properly meet my brother, he’s well respected in these parts.” She said.

Banging her fist against the door, Violet yelled “Daemon! Get Up!” and waited patiently with a twitchy Lucy.

Heavy footsteps sounded on the other-side and the wooden door swung back. Violet stifled a laugh when she heard Lucy sharp intake of breath. As Violet thought he would, Daemon had answered the door shirtless. Again.

Lucy’s gaze dropped to Daemon’s very broad, ripped, tan chest and almost immediately she blushed a light shade of red. Violet bit her lip to keep from laughing. Daemon on the other hand, seemed to find it rather annoying.

Placing one hand on the door frame, he leaned in close to Lucy and said in a flat voice “Can I help you? Or are you incapable of speaking and just wasting my time?”

Violet shoved past him. “Be nice.” She whispered so Lucy couldn’t hear. Daemon’s unnatural, eerie green eyes flickered to hers then back to Lucy.

Lucy stepped back and looked at Violet like she wanted to skewer her for embarrassing her. Violet smiled innocently and plopped down at the table, snatching a handful of berries from the bowl on the counter.


The End

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