Chapter Eight

Lucy trailed behind Violet and the boys.  She wasn't comfortable with everything that was happening, especially since she didn't know who the boy was.  He, however, failed to introduce himself.  There was one boy who trailed behind with Lucy.  He looked about her age, and like he didn't really know what he was doing. After a long awkward silence, he introduced himself. 

"I'm Fredrick," he said, "aren't you the missing princess?"

"NO!"  Lucy scoffed, "why would you say that?"

Fredrick raised his eyebrows.  "One, because you fit the description.  Two, because I've met her, and you act and sound an awful lot like her.  And Three, you have the same name."

Lucy sighed, "Okay.  Yes, I am, but you better not tell a soul, or you'll regret it!"  then, "Wait... when have you met me?"

"Right before you disappeared... I was... interviewed by you're father.  He was searching for a husband for you.  I'm the Duke's son.  I just ran away, and I found them.  I understand now why..."  he trailed off, covering his mouth.

"Why what?"  Lucy asked.

"I can't say until Daemon gives me permission!" then, "CRAP!" and he ran off.


They arrived at a beautiful camp, just before daylight.  There were wonderful tree houses, covered in canvas and fall leaves.  One of the boys pulled a rope and a ladder fell down.  They all climbed up, and found themselves in a luxurious  room.  Violet sighed in content, then sat down.  She was soon wrestled out of her chair by the boy who had saved them.  After he sat, all of the boys sat, some on chairs and couches, others on the ground. The boy, Fredrick, gestured for Lucy to sit next to him on one of  the couches.  She happily obliged, exhausted.

The boy began to speak, "We had quite a good turnout today, and we saved some lovely young maidens."  All of the boys cheered loudly, patting each other on the back.  "Now," He continued, "If you would allow me to introduce my sister,"  he pointed at Violet, "Violet Grace." 

Lucy's jaw dropped, as did every other persons, minus Violet and the boy.  He was tall, with wavy, midnight black and silky hair, that looked like he had just got out of bed, his skin a pale olive.   Violet also had wavy, silky black hair and pale skin.  They had every resemblance, except the eyes.  His were dark and menacing, an eerie, unnatural, vibrant green, while hers, though cold, were more friendly, purely from the violet  color.

"Com on Daemon,"  Violet said, punching him teasingly in the shoulder, "don't scare them."  she smiled, and looked at Lucy.  Lucy gave her a questioning look.  Violet nodded, it was true.

The End

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