Chapter Seven

Lucy watched as Violet charged at the ghosts.  How could you kill a ghost? She didn't think it was possible, but she didn't want to find out. 

Violet  jabbed at the ghost men, but nothing harmed them.  She twirled and avoided any physical contact with them.  The only thing that touched the ghosts was the blade of the dagger, never Violet's skin.  She didn't know what would happen if she touched the ghost with her skin, and she didn't want to find out. 

Lucy gasped as, with ever turn, Violet came closer to becoming overwhelmed by the unkillable creatures.   As they surrounded Violet, Lucy averted her eyes, not wanting to see what happened.

Suddenly an arrow flew from the trees into the nearest ghost.  The creature dissolved on contact.  Another arrow flew out, impaling a second creature, which also dissolved.  Lucy turned to the source, and saw a shadow in the trees.  Arrows kept coming, and the ghosts kept dissolving.  Soon there was only one left.  The last ghost fled, afraid to lose whatever "life" it had left.

As the ghost fled a boy, about 15 stepped from the trees. He had chestnut-brown skin, and long, wavy blond hair.  His eyes, however, were a deep violet.

Violet stood and shook the boys hand. 

"What were those things?"  she asked casually, as if she new the boy.

"Ghosts, of course." he replied.  "I've been hunting them for years.  As far as I know, only my company and I know how to destroy them." 

"Company?" Violet asked.  Then a group of boys, all around the ages of ten to nineteen. 

"Violet,"  the boy said, "This is my company."  Violet smiled and began to shake the boys hands.  Each shyly nodded hello, and shook back.

"This is Lucy," Violet introduced Lucy after she shook all of the boys hands.  While Lucy was making the rounds of shaking, Violet turned back to the boy.  Lucy watched them carefully.

"What exactly do you do?"  Violet asked.

"It's a long story," he replied.

"We've got time... as long as you have a good hideout, where we can't be found."

"I've got just the place."

The End

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