Chapter Five

Violet always had her suspicions about Lucy's history. But the truth was harsher than she imagined. but her life before that of the circus was harder than most. The dark alleyways of a urban city leaves invisible scars Lucy could never understand.

Violet was a fighter, learning the ways of street gangs in order to survive. Right now, under the light of the full moon, Violet felt at home, darting between the obstacles, like how the wind dances around the skinny trees of the forest while singing its lunar song. The birds in the trees above watched them with mild curiosity, their songs echoing in the night. Violet's thoughts vanished. Her mind lost in the forest's eerie natural voice, it's song hypnotizing her every movement, as if she was running through a dream.

Violet's mind was brought back to reality as Lucy stumbled. she caught her, allowing her take a seat to regain her breath

"Be lighter on your feet, Lucy." she said kindly, kneeling by her friend so she was eye-level "Be like the air you perform with, flow with its movements."

Lifting to her feet, Violet glanced over her shoulder, her lush purple eyes flitting over the hidden area near by. The bushes shuddered and birds fell quiet. Through the darkness, figures emerged like ghosts.

Men with a strange, eerie-like quality. Violet's eyes narrowed in anticipation, she flashed a cocky, taunting, smile and slowly slipped a silver dagger from her backpack.

The End

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